Create millennial apps to tap into a younger market

With a tendency to use mobile devices over desktop computers, millennials have changed the digital world. App developers must use this trend to their advantage by creating millennial apps that capture the attention of this young generation.

Start with researching

Before you can build mobile apps that millennials love, you have to understand what they want.

  • There are various ways to find this out. Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Think about the problem your app solves and how this applies to millennials.
  • Get to know those young people through market research. What stage of their lives are they at? What are their interests, struggles, desires, fears?
  • After launching your app, get some feedback. Pay attention to how millennials respond. If necessary, make improvements based on their reviews.

Popular millennial app examples

Sometimes, the best way to kickstart the creative process is to get some real-life examples.

Some of the most popular millennial apps include:

  • Social media apps;
  • Messaging apps;
  • Games;
  • Productivity apps;
  • Travel apps;
  • Sports apps,
  • Streaming apps.

Consider what makes these mobile apps so popular with millennials and try to incorporate those qualities into your own app.

Mobile app strategies to reach millennials

Your app should have as many of the following qualities as possible.

High-quality and easy to use

Unlike older generations, millennials have grown up with technology, making it more difficult to impress them. Blow them away (or at least meet their expectations) with high-quality technology that makes your app easy to use. Include exciting features they can’t find anywhere else.

Relevant to younger generations

Your app’s functions should revolve around the needs of its young users. If it doesn’t serve a purpose that is relevant to them, they won’t use it.

Speaks their language

Don’t talk down to youngsters with a formal, authoritative tone. They will only tune you out! Speak to millennials at their level with a casual, friendly tone.

Make sure users can easily understand your app’s content and avoid using technical terms that they don’t know.

Peer approved

Millennials often look to their friends’ opinions when judging an app. If your app earns the approval of other young users, it will encourage even more millennials to give it a try.

It’s interesting to note that celebrity-approval isn’t a major factor in swaying millennials to download an app. They seem to prefer getting guidance from people they know personally.


Apps that drain batteries or take big chunks of data really turn millennials off. Don’t overload your app so that it keeps working efficiently and it doesn’t have any technical issues.

Attractive design

Appearance makes a big impact on the decision-making process of millennials. Make your app stand out with a winning design that commands attention. Take a peek at your competitors’ designs and attempt to outdo them.


You have to give millennials a reason to use your app. Otherwise, why would they?

Come up with strategies that encourage millennials to regularly use your app. Keep in mind that they don’t typically enjoy receiving an excessive amount of push notifications, meaning you will have to use a bit more creativity and effort to keep them engaged.

Rather than nag and annoy users with intrusive messages, your best bet is to provide true value that benefits them. Figuring out how your particular app can accomplish that is up to you!

And remember, younger users have a shorter attention span. Whatever you do, don’t let them get bored of your app.

Although challenging, it’s worth the effort to win millennials over. Want some help? Reach out to an ASO specialist to start increasing your app’s visibility and user acquisition.

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