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The importance of digital performance for your app

Digital performance refers to how an application is performing in relation to performance strategies. To measure your app’s digital performance, some factors, such as lead generation, conversion rate, and installation index may be helpful.

For your mobile marketing strategies to be successful, it’s essential to track the digital performance of your app. Therefore, in this article we will talk more about what is digital performance and its importance.

What is digital performance?

Digital performance is related to measuring results, identifying, for example, which dissemination channels are better, which campaigns are bringing better returns, among other factors.

Therefore, digital performance strategies aim to improve the digital presence of the brand so that it captures more customers.

With digital performance, you can gather data and understand the best ways to use it to achieve the app’s goals. In this way, you can understand the most effective ways to invest in media and creation.

The importance of digital performance for mobile

Mobile performance involves creating and automating performance campaigns for apps. This is done through KPIs chosen according to your app’s strategy.

Performance strategies are crucial to understanding return on investment and results, as well as increasing sales and the number of facilities.

However, it is not enough to invest in mobile marketing without being able to measure your results and understand whether they are being effective or not. For this reason, you need to have a plan to discover the digital performance of your app.

Important metrics to keep track of

Illustrative image referring to digital performance.

Knowing the importance of measuring digital performance, you need to know how to do this. Here are some of the key indicators that help you measure this performance more effectively:

Users’ source

More than just monitoring the increase in users in your app, it’s also interesting to know its origin and which channels have led them there. This metric helps you understand where it’s most advantageous to invest and where your audience is finding your app.

This indicator helps you know which pages are worth working for the most and will help you earn more leads and sales with less effort. This is because users who are more likely to install and convert are already on these channels.


Among the performance indicators, the rate of installations of an application certainly has a lot to do with its digital performance, since it represents users who felt interested enough to install your app.

Also, if when comparing the download rate with the installations rate there is some discrepancy between the numbers, this may mean that there is some problem with the installation for some users. This failure must be fixed immediately.


Another important metric for assessing digital performance is your conversion rate, which may vary by app. For example, there are conversions represented by creating accounts and conversions made through in-app purchases.

It all depends on how it works and what the app’s goals are. Anyway, it’s an important metric, as it shows whether users would give personal information and whether they’re willing to be loyal.


The churn fee indicates users who have cancelled your service from the retention fee. By tracking this KPI, you can understand its user loss rate.

There is the possibility of creating ways and performance marketing strategies aimed at retaining these users. It is extremely important to understand the real situation of application performance.


A very important factor is the usability of the application, which involves from the loading of applications, through the ease of understanding it, to possible failures.

All this counts a lot for your digital performance, mainly because users are increasingly demanding and looking for apps that deliver the best results. Therefore, tracking load time as well as identifying errors quickly is extremely important.

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