What is ASO? The ultimate guide

If you’re thinking about developing an app for your business or already have an app, you probably have asked yourself: what is ASO? This little initials have so much to say and it is so important to an app’s growth.

But, to understand what is ASO, we’re going to uncover all the mystery behind the optimization of an app. And after this guide, you’ll see the potential that your app can have in app stores.

What is the ASO definition?

ASO means App Store Optimization. It is the process of optimizing the app’s page in app stores. The goal of optimization is to give more visibility to the app and put it in app ranking. And all of this happens because of the keywords.

The app stores works with keywords to classify apps. And this is used because search is the primary way people find apps. Do you know what it means? That the probability of your app being found this way increases.

Imagine this situation. When you want an app that edits photos, what words you probably will search? “photo edit”, right? So, a lot of apps will appear as search results but you’ll not look at more than 10, because people in general want to find services faster.

The goal of the optimization is make your app one of the firsts in the listed results. When people search keywords that make sense with the service that you provide, your app will be there.

How it works?

It is possible to optimize all the elements of your app. We’re going to see each element to understand the process. But before that you have to make decisions.

First of all, think about the characteristics of your app. What you do, what category in app store it fits, your target and what is the difference of your app compared to the rest?

App title

The title has to be memorable. People have to remember the name of your app to move your app forward. We recommend choosing a short and easy name, and add the main keyword on this.

For example, as a strategy to attract more users, apps about sport add the “world cup” in the title during the event. This is one more argument, to always observe the strategies of competitors too, because it can change all the time.

App Icon

Avoid an icon that is ugly. It’s not attractive and make people feel confused about the purpose of your app. Define the colour palette of the app, the one that you’ll use inside the application and in the icon too.

So, the next step is to choose an image with a good design and that makes sense and is cohesive with the rest of the elements.

App description

People usually don’t read app description, they want things ready. But, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore it. The app description is very important to ASO. This is the only space that you have full use of keywords.

Subtly, put as many as keywords that your app can be identified with and that which people probably search for in app stores. You don’t need to use all the space, but it’s important to fill most part of it.

Photo and videos

People don’t read app description but in compensation observe a lot the screenshots and watch the videos available on app page. This because it’s easier to understand the dynamic of the app seeing how it works for real.

So, depending on the app store, the number of screenshots can be different. Anyway, prefer to put the main ones first. This way, people will be more interested in your app.

If you thought that you are dominating App Store Optimization, sorry to take your happiness off, but you have much more to learn. Because of this, RankMyApp created a special E-book that is a tutorial about ASO. Check it out!

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