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What are the 5 pillars of the most successful apps?

For everything that we do in this life, we follow instructions to be successful. And when we look for results with an app, there are five crucial pillars that it’s based on to have success.

So what do you need to be the most successful app in your category? It’s important to remember that for apps it is essential to keep in mind the ASO process and how the KPIs works. Well, join the list and, check it out:

1.  Visibility

Why people invest in App Store Optimization? The answer is simple: visibility. Choosing the right keywords and optimizing all the elements on the app’s page, the chance of an app to be ranked is high.

It helps the app improve resources and assists users with the discovery. More than that, it attracts organic conversions, avoiding the necessity of using paid media all the time. But how to measure the KPI of app visibility in the app stores?

First of all: good keyword research. Your position in the app stores depends of keywords that makes sense for the product and beats the competition. Other factor to pay attention to is your category.

There are lots of good apps that miss downloads because they are in wrong categories in app stores. Other ones are smart and choose the right category and, obviously, the app idea.

The thing is, to understand and improve the visibility of the app, metrics are extremely important to measure your results. So it’s nice to observe it weekly and monthly!

2. Conversion

What is the point of having a huge visibility if your app doesn’t receive downloads? That’s why the standard is to work on conversions too. The conversion rate covers the user that visits your app’s page and the download in itself.

When the user finally discovers your app in the app stores, you have to capture his attention and make him become interested in your service. There are some ASO factors that affect  the conversion directly.

We are talking about the elements of the app’s page: icon, title, screenshots, subtitle, description, videos and others. If we analyse the click percent, the title of the app and the icon can be decisive.

3. Growth

You have visibility and conversions in your app, now just wait for growth. For sure with these elements together your results will be positive, but anyway it’s crucial to know how to measure growth.

It’s important to remember to separate the results that came from paid media and campaigns and your organic results that probably happened because of  App Store Optimization. Because in the app stores, this number is just one, so it’s important to invest in tools that can show it.

4. Feedback

Smiling girls look satisfied using a most successful apps.

Ok, know we have a great list of positive things in your app: it has visibility in the app stores, has a good number of conversions, knows how to understand the metrics of the mobile growth but, do you know how to measure if your users are satisfied with your app?

Feedback is one of the most important indicators to see what users think about the app. And we don’t need to say that is the only way.

If you have a good number of positive feedback, we have good news: the algorithm is in your favour and it will analyse it in time to classify apps. But at the same time if you have a lot of negative comments, you probably will lose positions in the ranking, besides harming the visibility.

5. Monetization

It would be impossible to finish this text without talking about monetization that the app can bring to you if all elements are aligned. More than making money, to organize yourself, there are some KPIs that will help you analyse each cent in revenue.

It’s nice to divide the revenue between average of the users and the total too. To have a good result in this case, everything depends on the quality of your user. For example, a user that just downloaded the app and used sometimes, maybe uninstall it and not bring any revenue.

But users that are active, buy things and are retained are the ones that give results when we talk about monetization. In other words, you need engaged users!

Now that the five pillars to have the most successful app is in your hand, the next step is apply everything in your strategy, always working with ASO and the KPIs. If you feel that need help with this process, count with one of the specialists of app marketing from RankMyApp!

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