Types of data analysis done in a mobile campaign

Types of data analysis done in a mobile campaign

In a complete mobile marketing campaign, you need to do different types of data analysis. Thus, it is possible to have more accurate information, which will contribute to a more assertive work at certain points.

To make your app have the expected visibility in stores and conversions to be qualified, RankMyAPP works with data analysis tailored to your business. In this article, you will find out what they are.

Intelligence analysis

In the work done in Mobile Intelligence, information is sought that contributes to the creation of strategies that make your application have greater visibility in stores, organically. Therefore, the types of data analysis are:

  • Most used keywords;
  • Evolution of keywords;
  • Competing applications;
  • Popularity of the app category;
  • Installations/visits per channel;
  • Conversions;
  • Loss of users;
  • Crashes and ANR’s;
  • Volume of stars,
  • Evolution of the note.

With this information, you can also have a clearer view of the application market, which contributes to the more assertive creation of organic marketing strategies of your mobile application.

RankMyAPP makes a data collection and analysis, disclosed by app stores, and uses it strategically. For this, it uses its own technology (Big Data), developed by its experts.

Such information consists of more accurate data, such as the location of users, how many people accessed the application in a given period, and the like. This makes it possible to create a more complete profile of your audience and the most appropriate ways to reach it.


Weekly, detailed reports are created for the qualitative data analysis of the results obtained during the period. Among them there are graphs that indicate the numbers of visits and installations (in this case, organic), as well as comparisons between the two metrics and all other points mentioned earlier.

Performance analysis

Among the types of data analytics that must be performed in a mobile marketing campaign are the collection of information from paid campaigns. At Mobile Performance, it’s important to understand how people interact with ads and whether they’re proving effective. The points analyzed are:

  • Collection of information from users who interacted with the media;
  • Tracking the actions of each user and each traffic source;
  • User interaction analysis and optimization within the customer KPI;
  • Identification of user interaction, better conversion points, clustering and the like,
  • Monitoring of deliveries from publishers, to ensure the quality of traffic generated.

With this data, you can understand the best paid strategies to adopt for user acquisition: which channels reach the target audience of the application, how is the interaction with the campaigns and what index of qualified installations performed within a given period.

The analysis of data related to Mobile Performance shows the effectiveness of the investment made by the client. Therefore, RankMyAPP is concerned with working with kpis customized for its customers, in addition to acting with various campaign formats, in order to reach different audiences and forms of purchases.

Sentiment analysis

Knowing how users feel about the app is also one of the important types of data analysis to be performed. This is because they serve as references for possible new users who are looking for more information.

At Reviews Intelligence, we analyze the comments and notes left in the app stores by users, which contributes to the correction of bugs of mobile applications, as well as insights on improvements that can be made in the services offered. In addition, such information serves to measure the visibility and popularity of the brand.

RankMyAPP has an optimized platform, where reviews are categorized and sub categorized for easy viewing of the biggest complaints and suggestions left in app stores. With this data in hand, the team of experts responds to the reviews in a more assertive and personalized way.

RankMyAPP tools

The data analysis tool used by RankMyAPP has its own technology, composed of elements necessary to obtain and categorize adequate information most important for the creation of strategies. On our platform, we work:

  • App overview: aggregates information such as app score, current category, most evolved keywords, and the like;
  • Benchmarking: major comparisons, such as market share in the national field and competing apps;
  • ASO & category: positions earned within the category, app and competitor update monitoring, ASO checklist and the like;
  • Keywords analysis: keyword development, such as ranking, search potential and evolution,
  • Ratings and reviews: analysis of users’ feelings, based on comments and notes left in app stores.

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