Person studying the development of progressive web app ASO.

The importance of progressive web apps for ASO

It can be said that smartphones made a revolution, because cell phones before, didn’t have internet. But now, users wants more, that’s why we have one more element in the mobile scene: progressive web apps!

How many apps do you use everyday? Or download per month? Probably, few. But, the developers are smart and they know  they need to innovate to not lose their users.

Progressive web apps: what is it?

Progressive web apps are functionalities that can develop web apps, in other words, these are pages that work on any device and circumstance, even without internet. Of course, if it was preloaded when the device was online.

Whatever browser is used, the user have the same functionalities of the app available. In that way, the app interface still remains the same but the speed of access is similar to accessing a website.

Especially speed is an essential point to grow engagement numbers and the retention of PWA. However, this technology have to have some specificities to really work well.

First of all, the own name: progressive— the PWA’s must work in all of devices and browsers for all the users. And for this to happen the web app has to be responsive, fitting in smartphones, desktops and tablets.

Besides being responsive, the app has to be app-like, for the user to be comfortable using it as if he were using a native app. As the updates have to be automatic, any abnormality must be detected and modify, without an update tab.

Last but not least, it’s truly important that the progressive web apps be safe. That’s why it’s to work with HTTPS.

How PWAs help you your business strategy?

Person studying the development of progressive web app ASO.

PWA’s is a step forward because you are offering a service that few apps have. It can help grow your business too, bringing more engagement and conversions.

But, you have to have in mind that your strategies have to work well for everything else too. So, first of all, analyze why your user would prefer to use a progressive website than an app.

Remember speed is in your favour, because it’s much more easier to access a PWA than make the path of download a native app. But, it depends on the service that you provide.

For example, if you’re an e-commerce app, it would be very profitable to invest on it. The site will be faster, people can buy directly on that and you are getting conversions and engagement all the time.

But, if we are talking about a game, for example, it’s a little bit hard to get success. Remember that it just can works offline if something was pre downloaded before. And more than that, native apps can be more comfortable to play because it occupate all the screen.

The future of progressive web app

For sure progressive web applications have a good future in mobile, mainly if this technology is developed further. The challenge now is to make the PWA look like an app, to people get involved with this in the same way that they was before.

But, there are some details that can be consider desavantages to PWA. This option does’t have yet a control about the hardware of the device. It’s not possible to access the bluetooth, contact list and other features.

Besides that, even that Chrome and Mozilla are investing on that, is still a secret if Apple is investing in PWA’s too. And consider that we’re talking about  one of the bigs in this market, it’s important to pay attention.

It’s because of these things and others that apps are still important and app stores will not die so early. So, don’t give up to optimize your app using ASO just because you think that this doesn’t have future.

To have no doubt about how to apply the optimization in your app and dominate the app stores because it’s very important in the mobile world, talk with one of ours specialists in App Store Optimization!

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