App ranking: trends and factors for mobile apps in 2018

Every app maker’s dream is to have their app on the top of app store ranking. But everyone that has an app knows how hard it is. But thanks to App Store Optimization it is easier to predict the success of an app.

ASO strategies have to be analyzed and keep changing based on app performance. Here are some trends and factors that will help you in the mobile app market in 2018. Good reading!

ASO factors

According to Business of apps, when we talk about conversion, both in the Apple Store and in the Google Play store, the major tenets of optimization are: title, description, localization, ratings, reviews and others.

What we want to prove is that App Store Optimization is totally responsible for the conversions of an app. It means that if we compare two apps, one that isn’t optimized and other that always updated with respect to optimization, the results are completely different.

But talking about what is most important to pay attention to when we talk about search ranking is the name of the app. The first element the user sees is the title and it is the strongest to put your app in the ranking.

It’s very nice, but even that your app stays at the top when ranking, there are chances of the user looking for other apps in the list. Even that the name is an important factor for search, it is not the most significant for conversion.

You probably are asking yourself: isn’t this the same thing? The search and  conversion? Not really. A person can search some keyword and find the app in ranking, but it isn’t necessary that the user will download the app.

When the user goes to the download field, he is looking for other elements to decide if your app is nice or not. And there are two important things to pay attention to: screenshots, ratings and reviews.

Screenshots are the only way to know how the app works without downloading it in fact. That’s why is important to choose the best parts of the app to add screenshots of in the app store. And, of course, ratings and reviews.

Isn’t different when you receive an indication about a product before buying it? With apps, it is the same thing. People’s opinions can change when they read others’ opinions. So, always answer reviews and try to solve problems if they appear.


Still with information from Business of Apps, we know about the important details to follow and have success in 2018. According to a research, we have some data:

  •     31% of the engagement will reflect in the ASO process;
  •     The description will became more important and possibly will affect more the searches;
  •     The ratings and reviews will greater weightage in iOS;
  •     Videos will become the most important element for conversions and app store searches;

The main thing to keep in mind that the App Store Optimization process is completely responsible for app results. The competition in the both stores just grows with the passage of the time.

So, how to get success with so many apps doing the same thing as me? Or, even if your app is unique, it can be hard to find. That’s why keywords define too much about an app.

Of course, ASO always in the first place. But don’t miss the essence of your app, of your idea. Bet in creative elements to work together with the process of optimization. If you have any doubt about how to optimize your app, talk with one of our specialists in app marketing!

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