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App icon: learn about the importance of icons for ASO

When users enter in an app store, their first contact is with the icon. This visual contact is of great importance and highly influences the consumer to download the app. Not surprisingly, the app icon deserves a lot of attention.

Small details make all the difference when developing icons; from the quality of the image, the creativity of elements, the choice of a color palette that matches the application as a whole and, above all, the singularity to stand out from the competition.

The market has grown!

Illustrative art referring to app icon Waze

When defining your icon design, you must be aware of the application market steady growth, since it is essential to stand out and be distinct. Yet, it does not mean that your brand cannot be inspired by other brands during the creative process.

Creating a brand identity is the first step towards developing icons for applications. For instance, there are companies that underlie their visual identity on old movies. Hence, everything that is performed on video, application, photo or promotion, will always embrace this reference.

There is no need to choose a specific theme, but at least a reduced color palette that will fit all tabs of your app and, especially, the icon itself.

Research is part of the task of developing an icon. Studying the market and understanding what consumers need will provide the scope to work on and, at the same time, to grasp what other apps already offer in order to do things differently.

Every brand lacks something. Facebook, for example, does not have a complex icon design rather than the letter F on a dark blue background. Although simple, the icon is recognized without even a glance.

Waze, an automobile navigation and traffic application, on its turn, developed a logo composed by a car in a dialogue balloon format, carrying eyes and a smile. Facing another design proposal, the application is recognized just like Facebook and has its identity preserved.

Even though there is no exact formula for an icon creation, following some tips may help. The best application icons bring design, quality and creativity. These three basic pillars can help you be relevant when it comes to positioning your app.

How can an icon work along with ASO?

Icon optimization is part of App Store Optimization. If well crafted in color, design and distinction, the app is already ahead of others and will potentially have more prominence and visibility in app stores.

A/B Testing

A/B test intends to check for the best alternative between two different versions of a product, in this case, app icons. This test is performed by a conversion rate, which measures the option that generates the higher return.

Placing an icon next to each other and comparing their versions will help to achieve better approval from the public.

For icons, it is interesting to test some specific elements, such as background colors and minor icons for visual reference, as well as different letters and numbers on the image, analyzing whether it is functional for the case or not.

Stores are quite visual

The visual component is very important for app stores, from the handling of applications within the store and the way they become available, until the concern to always be relevant.

In addition to the evidence inside stores, working on a good icon will highlight it for consumers on their own phone. When unlocking the screen, users will be induced to pay attention mainly to well-made icons.

The visual factor is one of the key influencers for an app success. A creative icon with an exquisite design and a handpicked color palette are the kick-start for gathering new users and gaining more visibility within app stores.

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