You need to work on improving app performance

High-quality app performance is crucial to your app’s success. If your app doesn’t provide users with a great experience, it will certainly fail. Keep reading to learn more.

Why performance matters

It goes without saying that providing a good user experience retains more users. You should be utilizing application performance management practices in order to keep track of how well your app is performing.

This will involve reviewing and analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs). When you notice weaknesses you can quickly fix them so that your app consistently meets or exceeds user expectations.

Benefits of performance optimization

Analyzing your app will show you what needs to be improved. There are many benefits that come with improved app performance. See the list below.

Speedy loading times

Users are impatient, wanting their apps to load in a matter of seconds. You can easily lose them in the time it takes to open your app. Decreasing your app’s load time will prevent users from switching to competing apps.

Little to no errors

What could be more aggravating than trying to use an app that has numerous errors? If you don’t keep those issues in check, they will chase your app’s users away.

Exceptional user experience

When your app performs well, users will have a smooth and efficient experience. This will surely win them over and make them loyal to your app.

5-Star performance

Apps with a 5-star rating are obviously performing well, leading to the retention of more users. Furthermore, new users are more likely to download apps with high ratings.

So, this leads to the conclusion that there are two reasons why you should aim for 5-stars:

  • It shows that your app’s performance is good enough to retain users.
  • Your app will have a good reputation that helps to acquire more new users.

Less uninstalls

When users are happy with your app, there will be no reason for them to uninstall it. But if your app’s performance is suffering, they will get rid of it without a second thought!

KPI management will help you know when certain changes need to be made in order to improve app performance and decrease uninstalls.

Stand out from competitors

Let’s face it. Your app probably isn’t that unique when compared to its countless competitors.

However, you can get your app to stand out by optimizing app performance. This will cause users to choose your app over competing apps.

Increases user engagement

The better your app performs; the more time users will want to spend on it. And the more they engage with your app, the more likely they are to keep using it. This is beneficial because increased engagement leads to more revenue.

Improves your brand’s reputation

Businesses that offer high-quality apps prove they are worth a consumer’s trust and loyalty. Users will begin to associate those businesses with quality, causing them to make purchases and become valuable customers.

How to improve performance

So, what can you do to get your app’s performance up to snuff? Take note of the ideas below:

  • Measure frame rendering time – This shows how quickly your system responds;
  • Measure battery depletion rates – This reveals how much battery your app consumes;
  • Measure data usage – This uncovers how much data your app requires to run,
  • Track errors – This will keep you aware of issues that need to be resolved ASAP.

When you start to track app performance metrics you will notice what can be improved. Working on those areas will help your app acquire new users and retain current users, which will ultimately lead to an increase in revenue.

If you want help acquiring more users, contact a mobile specialist today!

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