App Optimization Techniques That Will Increase User Acquisition

App optimization is too important to gloss over. Don’t neglect this essential app marketing technique any longer.

The importance of app store optimization (ASO)

There are literally millions of apps. Getting your app to stand out can be challenging.

That’s where the importance of app store optimization comes in. This technique improves your app’s rank in the app store, which leads to an increase in user acquisition.

But couldn’t you just direct users to your app through other marketing strategies, like social media or a website? Sure you could, and you probably should use more than one marketing tactic.

But many, if not most, apps are found by users searching the app stores. So if you want to acquire as many users as possible, you need to work on ASO.

Mobile app optimization techniques

ASO focuses on the following two goals:

  • Increasing your app’s visibility so that users can find it;
  • Convincing users to download your app once they have found it.

Make your app visible

The list of tips below will increase your app’s visibility:

Find Keywords

You must find the best keywords. Figure out what your targeted users search most frequently, as these will likely be good keywords to use.

The keywords you choose must be relevant to your app. You can use an app keyword optimization tool to help you put them to the best use.

Create a Title

Make sure the title clearly describes what your app is all about and include the most important keyword in it. The Google Play Store allows up to 50 characters. The Apple App Store allows up to 30 characters.

Write a Description

Your app’s description should provide users with a clear understanding of its features and benefits. Include keywords throughout the entire description, but put most of your focus on using them in the first paragraph.

Convince users to download your app

Convince users to download your app

Once your app attains a top rank you must get users to download it. Optimizing the visual elements of your app’s product page will help to increase user acquisition.


Your app’s icon needs to stand out from the crowd and represent your brand. If possible, use an image rather than text.

Screenshots and Videos

Most users won’t read the entire app description. They are more likely to look at its screenshots and video to decide if it’s worth downloading.

With that in mind, make sure these visual elements show off how great your app is. The screenshots should give users an inside look at your app’s appearance and features.

The video should exhibit your app’s high-quality performance, getting users excited about your app and making them eager to download it.

Reviews and Ratings

Potential users often refer to your app’s reviews and ratings before installing it. Keep your app up to date and working well so that users will leave positive reviews that will convince other users to download your app.

When you do get bad reviews, make sure to respond to every single one of them. This will show potential users that you care about providing a great user experience and that you work hard to resolve issues.

When you respond to negative feedback and address the issues those reviews brought up, it might cause the users who initially complained to give your app a better rating, which will help improve your app’s rank.

App optimization is a never-ending process. You will need to keep monitoring your mobile app optimization techniques to ensure they are successful.

This article has only scratched the surface of app optimization. If you want to learn more, sign up to receive a free eBook that is all about ASO!

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