Illustrative art shows growth hacking strategies.

Top 7 growth hacking strategies

We know that it’s very hard to develop an app and even harder to get it visibility in app stores. The big challenge that apps face is to rank well, have a lot of conversions and be retained by users.

None of this is easy, but we are covering top seven tips of growth hacking strategies to adopt them in your app and have success. Check it out:

1.  Structure your growth hacking

Before deciding to invest in this kind of strategy, it’s nice to organize yourself to understand what are your main goals. So, prioritize essentials and things that are important for your app now and make them first.

Try to test all the possibilities of ideas in your app. After that, analyze the results and decide if it really changes results or it’s not so important. This is the only way to know if the idea will work or not.

2. Stimulate your customer

It’s nice that the user  feels he is important. Distribute gifts to the users if they share the app with friends. If a friend downloaded the app, you can compensate with points.

If your app is a game, it’s possible to give more points to the user. Or just give them a discount coupon to use inside the app. It re-engages them with the app and you will get more conversions.

3. Check your ASO

Even though App Store Optimization is an ongoing process and requires time, there are some strategies that can accelerate success and will bring more users to your app.

For example, some sports apps, during the world cup, put in  “world cup” as a keyword alongside the app name. As people are looking for this keyword actively, ranking for that gets them more users.

So, pay attention to ASO changes that you can make during certain seasons and events. It will bring more people to your app.

4. Localization

Check if your app is available in different countries. In the app stores, it’s possible to choose the main country that your app works but, it’s possible to choose a second one, making it available to other places.

It’s a way to attract new users and stay one step ahead of the competition, as the competition may not be in other countries.

5. Let your user speak

The opinion of the user is extremely important for your app’s business growth. Let your users speak, give ideas for what is best in your app and what they desire to have in their hand. Most important, listen to them.

A user that sees that his problem is resolved stays satisfied, and will use your service again and engage more. Ask for their evaluation. From the results, start to work with news and changes.

6. Push notifications

A good growth hacking strategy is calling attention of the user using push notifications. Different ways to use this:

You can remind the user that your app is there and wants him back, for example. More than that, you can offer different freebies, like a discount in a product similar that the user already bought once or even new offers.

7. Analyze the numbers

Illustrative art shows growth hacking strategies.

You cannot rest with great download numbers. It’s important to use some tools to analyze the entire performance of the app. This numbers can alert you to changes.

Monitor your conversion funnel to understand the numbers that can indicate some improvements. Check the app’s view, the number of downloads, number of uninstalls and sales. Probably these are the most importants KPI’s to analyze.

Now that you know some growth hacking strategies that will help to improve the visibility of your app in app stores, it’s time to adjust the App Store Optimization and analyze if it’s going in the right direction or not.

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