ASO metrics and mobile analytics: the best KPIs

Have you ever thought about the potential of mobile analytics in helping you analyze what do you need to improve in your app? This kind of information is important to modify your ASO strategy and get more conversions.

In this post we’ve listed the best key performance indicators to help you with app analytics, because these metrics can either make or break your business. Check them out.

User acquisition and visibility of the app

The visibility of the app can’t be understated for user acquisition. If we stop to think that users want to find your app, there’s no reason for you don’t invest in being found.

Here are the metrics that matter: results on the search page for keywords, how many users click on app’s page (reach and impressions). This provides a basis for measuring how many are interested in your app.

The most important KPIs to be analyzed is the click through rate and the conversion rate.


Everything that collaborates with ASO process is done just for one reason: downloads. The way that you analyze the numbers of downloads that the app gets in a determined time, signals app performance.

So, the best way to control the number of downloads and discover easily with the App Store Optimization if the strategies need some modification is by aligning the number of downloads by dividing it in periods of time.

With this, it will be simple to compare the numbers. So, the best KPI to measure is to see how many downloads were acquired in days, weeks and months, and see if it increases, by analysing the conversion rate. At least, you can compare it with the views of app’s page.

Retention and engagement

Downloads are not the only reason to invest in ASO. More than users downloading your app, it’s important that they keep using the service.

But, how to know if the user is involved with your app? There are some metrics that can measure if users are in fact using your app or if they forgot about it.

There are three KPIs that will help you: the sessions, that shows that users are opening your app. The duration of the session, that will gives you highlights about the use of the app and the session interval.

The last one will show you the frequency which the user uses your app, the space of time that it was not accessed. When the interval is short, it means that the things are going great.

Quality of the app and it performance

One of the best ways to decide if an app has good quality or not, is by looking into its reviews and ratings. And also is a great opportunity for a developer find out what are the main problems in the app to correct them.

So, the feedback in itself is an important metric to decide the upcoming updates on the app. Negative points will be taken note of to improve the app and positive points will be used to keep it going better.

Even the concurrence can be a good metric to define the quality of your app. Be it for analyzing feedback and see mistakes or see what positive things can be done to contribute to your strategy.

The thing is, what is not missing is opportunities to work with mobile app analytics to improve your service and rank on app stores app stores.

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