The importance of long tail keywords for your business

To ensure the success of your digital marketing campaign, optimizing your content is one way to go. Keywords; whether short or long tail keywords play an essential role in making your brand visible to your target market through search engine optimization.

What is a long tail keyword?

It will be more appropriate and convenient to start by defining keywords in general before we talk more on what long tail keywords are and how they affect your app marketing campaign.

Whenever people go online to search for information or buy stuff online, they type into the search bar words or a string of words or a phrase they believe is more related to what they are looking for. Those strings of words are referred to as keywords.

What is the difference between long tail keywords and short tail keywords?

The difference between a long tail and a short tail keyword isn’t hard to spot. Like their names imply, long tail keywords are longer strings of words while the opposite is the case for short tail keywords.

Why do keywords matter?

Your choice of keywords has a significant impact on the outcome of your ASO campaign. How? Hold that thought; we will talk more on that later on this article. It’s often hard to explain to online business owners that long tail keywords yield better results as a marketing strategy.

While most people will argue that long tail keywords examples generate fewer search volumes compared to short tail keywords, the power of long tail keywords lies in their ability to generate precise and targeted search results.

The applications of long tail keywords also influence the visibility of your mobile app in App Stores. If your App is optimized with the appropriate long tail keywords, the chances are that your App will come up higher on App Store search results – and that translates into more downloads for you.

How do you find long tail keywords?

Getting the right list of long tail keywords that are relevant to your business niche can be daunting. To ensure that you are making the right list, you must learn how to use a keyword planner or long tail keyword generator.

Both the keyword planner and long tail keyword generator are effective keyword tools that make your task or search relatively easy. However, the best option is to employ the services of a reliable App Store Optimization company.

Putting the task of finding the right keywords for your brand in the hands of a professional App Store optimization company guarantee that you will get high-ranking and niche specific keywords for your mobile app and digital content.

How to use long tail keywords in ASO?

Similar to App Store Optimization (ASO) for mobile App is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website. The internet is run on complex algorithms that are designed to comb or scan the internet for data and determine what results are appropriate and relevant for every search.

Optimizing your website makes your digital content or brand easy to find. If someone were to type “sneakers” in the search bar, top brands would immediately pop up on the screen. The only problem with the search results is that you will have to sift the flood of information, which in this case, is all brands, sizes, and designs of sneakers.

On the other hand, if you had been more specific with your search description and typed “brown soft breathable sneakers,” it would have made your search a lot easier and wouldn’t have to go through a heap of information just to find a pair of sneakers.

If you had noticed, in the first instance, the search word just “sneakers,” and the second was “brown soft breathable sneakers.” The latter is a typical long tail keywords seo.

You can get more keywords through:

  • Competitor Analysis;
  • Google search;
  • From Forums and Online threads, and,
  • A host of professional keyword tools.

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Long tail keywords have been regarded as the foundation of Search engine and App Store Optimization. As a professional mobile app marketing company, RankMyAPP knows exactly where to look and what tools will generate sufficient and niche specific keywords for your brand. Check our articles for more information on the subject.

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