Signs you need to change your mobile strategy

Before launching an app, you need a mobile marketing strategy to give more visibility to your business. Initially, it’s normal to maintain the same ideology working with fixed ideas.

But, there is a problem with that. The market is changing all the time so, the strategies have to fit into a new strategy which is to get your app ranking. Marketing strategies are an ongoing process, and have to be analysed  and modified whenever necessary.

Unused features tell you more than you think

We get so obsessed in providing the best services to users that sometimes we add so many extraneous features. For example, let’s say the focus of your app is to track songs that people don’t know the name of.

Your app provides the user the name of the song, and has a tool that shows curiosities about the song. Even if this information is interesting, people don’t look at this. They just want the name of the song

Isn’t bettering the core functionality better for user retention that adding second-grade features no one wants?

We always pay attention to what people are use- but in some cases, less can be more. If you improve the primary function, the chance that the app attracts more conversions and retains users is high.

Pay attention to users

The users are the best barometer in determining if your  app is working or not. You cannot ignore or underestimate who uses your service. So, with your app launch, it is necessary to receive feedback about how your app’s performing.

The number of downloads, uninstall percentage… any metric that enables you to analyze your app is essential to understand what you need to do to improve and change your mobile strategy if necessary.

Be aware of your app’s competition

With so many apps being launched every day, it is indispensable to observe and know the competition around your app. To stand apart from the others, you need more than excellent service; you need a good brand strategy.

And one of the first steps to conquer new users is investing in research to evaluate how users are interacting with the app and what factors contribute to increased interaction. So, with this informations, you can organize your marketing strategies.

Always adapt quickly

Maybe the best advice that you are going to receive in this text: don’t hesitate in changing your plan whenever necessary. The faster you adjust your app in some situations the easier it will be to recreate strategies.

And this doesn’t mean just for competition or to please your users. Given how the app market changes all the time, it is possible, for example, something will get regulated with a new rule or policy change.

You have to fit in necessary modifications, and if you are open to these changes, it will be easier to establish your app in the market.

Investors are also your audience

To launch the app, you probably tried to look for some investors to boost your app. It is crucial to have money invested to contribute to app growth. When WhatsApp was not the WhatsApp that we know today, the app was small and needed some financial help.

So, it’s good to remember that investors are watching your app too, and if your attempts are not working with them, you should look for new strategies to call their attention.

Basically, it is very important to analyze what is the necessity of your app in mobile marketing strategies have to be interpreted frequently because it is the only way to know what is best to improve the service  you provide.

Besides the strategy chosen to boost your app, it’s genuinely recommended to optimize it. We are saying this because it’s the only alternative to get organic downloads and put your app in ranking. If you have interest, talk with one of our professionals specialized in App Store Optimization, with RankMyApp.

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