Illustrative art refers to digital marketing strategy

How to measure and improve your digital marketing strategy

Implementing a digital marketing strategy successfully requires lots of work. You need to take into account some key elements, listen to what your audience has to say about your brand, measure results and based on that, make adjustments to improve your strategy.

Is it possible to know if your marketing tactics have been working? Well, it is fundamental to measure and analyze all the collected data on a regular basis, otherwise, it is impossible to know that and then change the marketing strategy.

Set your campaign goals first

When you start planning your digital marketing campaign, we highly suggest you set up your campaign goals first. And your goals should definitely be related to the business KPIs.

Let’s say your strategy aims to create demand for your app. Then, you should measure things like the number of app downloads.

If your goal is to raise engagement, you can measure the number of sign-ups, for instance. At the end of the day, it will always depend on what kind of goals you set up and that’s the first thing to be done.

The importance of frequently updating your ASO strategy

It turns out that app stores regularly update both their organic search algorithm and the factors that allow apps to be top ranked.

So, it is widely known that those app-related modifications can have an impact on app store rankings, but did you also know that sometimes what has once worked, might not work in the future? That is why you need to be constantly updating your ASO strategy according to the results you’ve got.

The same rule applies to keyword rankings. Some terms that performed very well at first and got you outstanding results, may not be the most appropriate choice at some point.

That is the reason why it’s essential to test, analyze, track and make changes often on app store pages. It goes the same way when it comes to keywords, title, description and graphics features.

How to perform A/B tests

You have two options. The first is to perform A/B tests like the following: outline an experiment with one or more variants, that are randomly presented to the audience.

A/B tests for app changes and ASO processes are really good methods to test keywords clusters for the app page text. Otherwise, you can perform experiments to know what sort of graphic elements can directly interfere with your organic metrics.

The second option is to rely on expert assistance, such as the one provided by RankMyApp. Our keyword analysis technology considers several factors as essential when choosing the best terms, such as:

  • Search volume;
  • The difficulty level of each word,
  • Country and language

Measure again

After you’ve performed some tests and made adjustments, like the ones we advise you to, you will need to measure your key performance indicators once again.

To a large extent, it is recommended to measure the exact same metrics you did previously, so you can have a fair comparison.

This allows you to compare before and after the changes. It also can give you an idea of how your adjustments have affected the results you’ve got.

But keep in mind that updating your metrics is essential to the process. You have to always measure and look for some sort of pattern and that’s what is going to determine the success of your digital marketing strategy.

Listen to customers’ feedback

Illustrative art refers to digital marketing strategy.

It is really important to do all the things we’ve suggested you do in this article but it does not end up here. You can try some tactics out, measure them and do it all over again. That works, but listening to your clients’ feedback will also give you great insights on how to improve your ASO strategy.

This article is supposed to help you achieve outstanding results by applying some of the mobile marketing tactics we’ve mentioned. Remember that it is a process that never ends and improvements should be made frequently.

What do you think of talking to a specialist from RankMyApp? Our team can provide your business with a customized analysis in order to achieve incredible results.

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