Learn how to retain customers with your app

Learn how to retain customers with your app

Have you ever wondered how many apps are developed and marketed throughout the year? In reality, there are several, so many entrepreneurs see it as a real challenge to know how to retain customers with a mobile app.

But what actually makes a person interested in an app and maintain that interest over time? How can businesses be attracting and retaining customers with successful apps? These and other questions will be answered in the course of this article!

Apps and their main errors

Successful apps are those that have the ability to intelligently balance your user acquisition, retention and monetization strategies. However, some companies develop apps in order to get the most downloads, and that’s not wrong. The problem is that they forget to think about customer retention strategies with the app and, with that, end up making gross mistakes throughout this process.

It’s important that entrepreneurs keep in mind that retention is the heart of a successful app, since the most profitable apps are those who care about developing methods to retain users. According to experts in the field, customer retention is worth much more than promoting the acquisition of 10 new customers for your app.

1- Request user registration

If you are not a reference brand in the market, asking the customer to register so that you can only enjoy the advantages of your application can end up costing you dearly. Typically, 50% of a company’s potential customers give up using an app just because it requests a registration right away. T

That’s because those who are meeting an app for the first time want to know what it has to offer you and do not want to waste time filling data. Therefore, if you want client retention for your mobile app, the ideal is not to make this mistake right from the start, because in this case the retention process will become increasingly complicated to be effected.

2- Experience failure

One of the mistakes you should never make when you want to retain customers for your mobile app is to insert elements that harm the customer experience with your app.

Whether it’s inadequately sized fill forms, time-consuming loading or even bad ergonomics, everything should be taken into consideration to prevent the customer from having a bad experience when using your app for the first time.

To prevent this from happening, try to assemble a team of professionals who take care of these details and perform various tests to make sure that none of these issues will exist when the customer is experiencing your app for the first time.

3- Request payment at the wrong time for the user

Most apps are free, but there are situations where the user is available to purchase more content or new functions for their mobile app. This request should be made very carefully because otherwise your app will not be able to retain the expected number of customers.

In addition, it is no use offering an application with very few functions only so that the user has to buy the rest in the future. By doing so, you will not only be inducing your customer to give up the app, but it will also cause them to give negative recommendations, which will be a bad thing for the reputation.

retain customers in app

As you might notice, errors like these end up causing your customers to abandon the app, thereby discarding all their efforts applied in developing a successful app.

How to avoid this?

In order for this not to happen and you can engage your target audience in the best possible way, you need to take some care when planning and also develop your application, so that it is on the list of smartphones for longer. Here are some important tips for retaining customers with the mobile app:

1- Provide greater interaction with your customers

The main objective of the apps is to provide greater interaction with your users so that they see the app as a tool that makes their day-to-day life easier.

So if you want to retain customers with your mobile app, you should always try to maintain this interaction with the customer so that they see your app as something useful in your life and want to keep it longer in your daily routine.

2- Maintain a continuous evolution

Generally the apps with the highest access are those that are constantly updating. Therefore, when developing your application, try to keep it always up to date so that your customers can become increasingly interested with the content and advantages it has to offer.

3- Invest in App Store Optimization

Most users who download an app originate from an editorial, search or even presence in the ranking of app stores.

So if you invest in ways to keep your app always at the top of that ranking, you’re sure to have the highest number of downloads of your app, and consequently, the chances of retaining customers will be much higher.

Therefore, one of the most effective ways to stay at the top of the ranking is to invest in App Store Optimization, or ASO, which is a technique used in your app to improve the presence of your application in organic searches.

4- Push notifications

This functionality is of paramount importance in apps because by using it correctly and segmented, your customers will be more motivated and engaged to your app, not to mention that notifications will add extra value to existing services in your app.

It’s important to know that users who receive notifications often open apps more frequently and therefore have a higher retention, even doubling the engagement rate. Notifications are therefore a great way for you to retain customers for your mobile app.

With the tips given above, no doubt you, entrepreneur, will know perfectly how to retain customers for your business through the mobile app, thus ensuring a profitable and successful enterprise!

And all these retention strategies would be nothing without the optimization process within the app stores. To help you with this, we’ve separated a complete e-book on App Store Optimization!

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