App retention: how to keep your user

Attracting low-quality to app’s page is a red flag. This not only affects conversion rates but also has a direct impact on user retention.

The question is: how to keep that interest as time goes by? The app market is overcrowded. We have apps for everything: ranging from entertainment, food delivery, taxi services, translation, communication, games, music, news… and so on.

But how many of these can actually conquer a spot in the memory of a smartphone user for an indefinite period of time? You have to pay attention if your app is losing customers too.

App retention: why do you lose users?

The thing is that people download the app, try it for a bit and end up uninstalling it. And this is on the uptrend, since the iOS 11 has a function that automatically deletes apps which are not used for a given period of time.

Now, let’s shed light on one stat: In a 30-day period, the continued use of apps found after an organic search was 156% greater among users who reached it through a targeted search. In other words, not investing in user acquisition of organic and quality traffic is a gigantic mistake.

Why can’t the app surpass the expectations?

Every professional who works with mobile marketing for apps needs to constantly prove the product’s value and usefulness.

The prov of customer retention will increase if the application meets their expectations, in terms of functionality and user engagement. This will result in high consistent app usage.

You have requested a payment or sensitive data at the wrong time

Payments or information (one of today’s major currencies) are delicate points. So think what kind of customer retention strategy should you employ? Cash values are a two-edged sword.

Be careful when the moment to charge comes. But be available to provide offerings, prizes, and gifts. This is one of the best engagement and re-engagement strategy for apps.

According to a Google research, 30% would download an app again to obtain a discount on an account. Specific actions have high chances of getting a high user engagement.

In what way is ASO linked to app retention?

App Store Optimization is a process outlined to attract organic users and a good retention rate to your app’s page.

Often, this kind of user is the most qualified user. After all, this is someone who actively and willingly reached your app. And, because of that, this kind of users might stay the longest with you.

So here’s our advice: devote your attention to this user. And allocate some of your budgeting to attract them. Even if your company has a high budget to invest in user acquisition, ASO will always be a great option because it has an excellent ROI.

In what way is RankMyApp linked to ASO?

We can help you achieve the goals for your product. RankMyApp is a hallmark in App Store Optimization. Our tool helps you get more visibility and more organic downloads in apps stores in a fast, simple and smart way.

Our team is comprised of professionals who are dedicated solely to the study of this specific sort of app marketing. Our algorithm finds the best keywords and we think about the most appropriate strategies to improve your ranking, increase visibility and downloads.

In other words, RankMyApp tracks and helps you achieve growth in all these areas! What do you think about adding more marketing intelligence to your app? Get a customized analysys for your app right now and put wheels on organic traffic!

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