Know when to delete comment about your business performance

Know when to delete comment about your business performance

Don’t be in a rush to delete comment about your products or services – either on your website or mobile apps. Customer comments or feedback, whether positive or negative, have a significant impact on how much patronage your products will get because it tells a lot about your sincerity and transparency in doing business.

If you are asking whether customer comments matter or not? The answer is yes, they do. They matter a lot and App Store optimization companies can help you evaluate the impact of user feedbacks on your mobile app.

In today’s digital or mobile market where virtually all transactions or purchases can be made online, buyers often form their decisions about your brand based on other customers’ review comments.

Today, most websites, especially e-commerce websites and mobile app, have comments and review sections where buyers can leave feedback (reviews) about products and services they patronize. Here are some benefits of review comments for mobile apps.

Buying Decisions Are Based on Performance Reviews

Most mobile app users believe customer reviews, and they rely on them to decide whether to download your app or not. Customers like to be read other people’s experiences and opinions about your brand before clicking “buy” or “download.”

While customers are free to express how they feel about your app, you can collect all of those reviews and assess them as feedbacks about what you are offering. Negative reviews are simply highlighting areas of your business you should improve on and deliver better services.

You can employ application analysis services to assess feedbacks and determine how best you can use the issues raised to improve your customers’ experience.

Gain Visibility

When your customer leaves comments like“wow, I love this mobile app. It was user -friendly, and all of my expectations were exceeded.”This and many more performance review examples will drive traffic your way. Also, more users would be interested in downloading and using your app.

Delete comment.

When your app starts to get more views on App Stores, your app’s visibility will increase, and downloads would follow.

How to Manage Bad Comments?

While you are doing your best to enhance your app’s performance and ensure maximum customer satisfaction, you will always meet one to two people who will never applaud your efforts. Such people would usually post bad comments about your app and dent your record.

While deleting some of those offensive performance review comments examples may be the right thing to do sometimes, remember that having one or two negative reviews won’t hurt your business – especially if they are coming after a long history of positive feedbacks.

When your customers start to notice that you delete comment or mobile app performance reviews, they begin to question your integrity and transparency.

When to Delete Bad Comments

Maintaining transparency standards may prove to be a bit of a challenge as some competitors would go as far as trolling, slandering, posting misleading your customers and causing them to form a wrong opinion about your app.

If you are sure that any of the above is the case with any negative review and can prove that it’s coming from a particular IP address, then you can, by all means, delete such negative evaluation comments.

Sometimes, some trolls can post unacceptable contents like profanity and obscene content on your review section; in such cases, you can delete comment and leave some sort of place holder explaining why the comment was deleted.

Improve your performance reviews with RankMyAPP

You must ensure that the reason why you are getting a series of bad comments is not the poor performance of your app. Thus, o ensure that your app is performing optimally, you can get a specialist app marketing company such as RankMyAPP to evaluate your app.

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