Important questions to make about app user acquisition

Important questions to make about app user acquisition

When the subject is app user acquisition, there are some questions you may ask yourself about your app in order to obtain a greater performance in app stores and, consequently, get more conversions.

The mobile app market is no longer dominated only by entertainment apps and software but has become a reality also for banks, e-commerces and other business models. That’s why RankMyAPP prepared some questions to ask yourself if you aim to increase you mobile app user acquisition. Check them below.

What are you app’s category and functions?

An interesting to do to achieve user acquisition is to choose the right category for your app. It’s important to consider what other apps or services your users use while they’re on their mobile devices. What kind of content do you consume? What other apps or services do your users use?

App user acquisition should ideally be thought of from the moment of design of the app. That’s because you can include features that serve as the basis of this process. Tools such as notifications, social notifications and network awareness (friends also using the app) can become powerful tools for acquiring, converting and retaining mobile users.

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Are you using the best keywords and add publicizers?

The most important thing to gain visibility is choosing the best keyword and the one that fits with your app. There are keywords that have too much competition, so go for long tail keywords. It is hard to optimize the mobile user acquisition strategy, that’s why it is important to ask someone specialized in the subject to work with you.

You also need to think of the directories on the web listing apps, others reviews (app reviews), some even focused on specific niches/segments. When you’re ready, contact them by telling the story of your app and asking them to publish and write about it.

Are you doing cross promotion and analyzing the competition?

Do you partner with other apps that make sense to your audience? If not, it’s time to start doing that. Show off their ad and in return ask them to place ads for you. There are ad networks mobile that also work with ad exchange.

In this sense, you may also think about your competitors. They say a lot about the strategies you should follow, and analyzing them is part of App Store Optimization. What the competition is doing that is different compared to other apps? What kind of mobile strategy do they use to get more conversions?

Finally, it is time to brainstorm

After thinking about all the topics above, it is time to put in a paper what you aim for your app in the future. Remember: the best thing is to conquer mobile app user acquisition in an organic way. You can also list other priorities and things that have to be done.

This process will help you see in what you should invest time and money now and what can be improved with time and the maturity of your app. Our advice is to start with optimization, because it triggers other goals.

After considering optimization, you will probably get more visibility and the app will be in the ranking of the app stores. More than that, it will give more downloads and conversions. To better understand how app store optimization works, you can check out RankMyAPP’s exclusive ebook: ASO definitive Guide.

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