How to target your app with different generations?

When you define a category for your app perhaps you’ll also choose some target for your app. It’s done to direct your app to the right public. To do this, it’s necessary to have a target research to define who you want to reach.

One of the best marketing strategies is to define your audience in order to create products, ads and language to growth the visibility and downloads. Instead of choosing just one kind of audience, what do you think about catching the attention of different generations?

User generation

We used to have the impression that apps were made just for young people and just adolescents know how to use it. It’s not a lie but with so many smartphones, easy technology available and internet, apps are going viral.

Even people that said once that would never use so much technology one day, have smartphones and use apps. As the app stores have infinite options for everybody, check it out what you need to do to call attention of all the generations.

How to define your target?

The best way to define your target audience is doing a market research according to the product that you provide. Although is important to focus on all generations, you have to decide at least one that represents your app.

To optimize the app with ASO, is important to make this decision. It facilitates the strategy to call attention of the user. A simple example: Tinder is a dating app, it probably is not recommended for kids.

Because of that it’s necessary to define you main demographic and, if it’s possible, use secondary strategies to reach the rest of the public.


Kids are now almost born with  smartphones as extensions of the body. This changed app strategy to attract kids who they want as app users. Invest in apps that complement the education and development of children.

If your app has this goal, for kids segmentation the application has to have a different view. It has to be fun, with vibrant colors and for optimization, screenshots are very important.


Probably this target is the most demanding with the quality of the apps. They’re connected to the internet 24 hours per day, have knowledge about all the categories and have potential to find anything that they want in app stores.

Because of this, the ASO strategy has to be well done. Choosing the best keywords is crucial for the app be in the ranking and calling attention of the adolescent in the retention process, is a challenge with them.

If you retain this audience, it means that they are really interested in your service. This way, they will be more engaged and bring friends to use your app too.

Young adults

More than adolescents, young adults are more connected because not only do they entertain themselves with apps as they use it for work. For them, apps can be considered as tools for communication, work, study and others.

That’s why the optimization for this target audience has to be done based on one fact: you have to show to the user that your app will facilitate their lives. They want things fast and smart.

Other detail is that they don’t want to waste time looking for an app, they want the best app at the top of the ranking. In other words, to catch this public, you have to be in the ranking, which is only possible with ASO.


This generation wasn’t born with the smartphone as an extension like the kids. So they are learning  how apps can help simplify their lives. So, this different audience will be the one that will be more patient when looking for apps.

They will read the descriptions, so it’s nice to work with the keywords, but without forcing them in the text because they’ll realize it.

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