People working in app branding.

How to define the branding for your app?

We always see dependable brands in the market that offer popular products. Just think of a simple example, you don’t say razor blade, you tell Gillette. The brand Gillette is so well-acquainted that people associate it with razor blades. To do something similar for your app you need app branding.

To strengthen the name of your app in the app stores and mainly between the users of smartphones, you need more than excellent service. But, before everything, let’s understand what a brand is and its importance.

What’s branding?

Branding can be defined as the management of your brand. All of the work is done with the goal of taking your app’s name to the masses and make it desirable. This is a process that the brands have to go through to build their legacy.

But, to construct this legacy, you need to line up your strategies, including daily marketing actions, which are an essential cornerstone to consolidate your company in the market. But, let’s understand what is necessary to do to make a popular app!

What considers in app branding?

People working in app branding.

For an app be remembered, it has to have personality. People need to identify themselves in your product. For example, WhatsApp is an app that makes itself part of the life of people. The popularity of this app is so vast that people don’t send messages, people send “WhatsApp”.


There’s a keyword – this time not necessarily related with ASO – that can describe what identifies as an experience. The experience of your user using your app is crucial to building your brand identity.

Sometimes people reduce branding for apps saying that it is just the logo and a good color palette. But, it’s much more than that. Because of the councurence nowadays in app stores, is that the apps need a good mobile marketing strategy to build their name.

As we said, the opinion of the users is the base to make decisions for what is best for the brand. Some developers made a mistake to fix their entire marketing strategy before launching the app and stay resolutely with it.

This is a problem because you depend on your user to decide what is necessary to improve, add or take off. You’ll never get your app branding without the approval of the public.


Although we said that the visual elements are not the main factor in constructing a brand, it’s an essential element. It’s included in visual identity— the icon, the colors that you are going to use, the design app, images, videos, all of it.

The visual of your app can influence the opinion of the public. For example, an app poorly diagrammed will cause a bad experience for the user, it will not be comfortable for the user.


Companies that influence the market don’t conquer it just because of good design and strategies of marketing. Branding companies built values and create a trustworthy relationship.

You have to keep what you promise to your users and not disappoint them. It’s important to be connected with your customer and know what he needs. Your app has to provide much more benefits than the others.

It’s at that point that your app passes the competitor back and have more influence in app stores. So, work with smart strategies, search precisely the needs of the market and surprise them.

Now that you already know how important is branding your app, start to think about the concept of your brand and what strategy you should adopt to give relevance to your app and how to make it stand apart from similar apps.

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