How to increase your customer loyalty in apps?

What is the best feature of your app? Is it enough to keep users? One of the bigger challenges when marketing apps is loyalty. The competition inside the app stores makes this journey harder, but not impossible. Before when apps had not yet become popular people downloaded them to explore the world.

Now, with so many options, why use phone storage if I can use just one app that satisfies what I need? Well, to help you  have loyal customers, we have written down some tips that will increase your download numbers and keep users with your app!

Show your difference

Why someone should download your app instead of some other app that have  the same features as yours? Well, with this step you will get a lot more downloads and optimize your ASO strategy and cause your app to rank.

And afterwards? Why someone should keep your app? The difference in value proposition you put forward. The content of your app is a fundamental part to retention. If you have personalized content and if someone can do everything in your app without making use of any other app you have some unique advantages.

A good strategy is to create something new in your app category and observe what part of your app people use most. For example, if some group likes more of a specific activity, send them exclusive content about it.

Keep in contact

At present an app is crucial to generate customer loyalty. Show that your app is present, send push notifications about updates, news, promotions and you still can project some initiatives according to the person’s local geography or habits.

For example, let’s say your app offers transport service. For all your clients that are in the same city, you can send a push notification with 15% discount instead of going to someone else. It will incentivize people to choose your app.

Incentivize the user be loyal

Make a reward program, where user wins benefits as and when they use apps or according to their usage. Loyalty programs can be used in many ways. This kind of benefit will make your user be more engaged with the app.

Still using the example of transport service, if the user uses 10 rides, he will win a discount in the next if he shares the app with some friend or family members, he will win another discount. This is just one possibility, it can be applied in nearly any category.

Keep the promise

This is an important tip if you want to make your users engaged. It’s very important to deliver everything that your app promised. If someone downloads your app, starts using it and after a time start to see that the app’s function is not as what was told, he will give up.

So the only thing to do in this case is to always keep in mind that your app needs to do what you promised to your users.

Give support

One of the most common complaints about apps is about the support that the app gives to the user. It’s very important to have a direct channel that the user can get in touch if he faces any problems.

This service is always too slow. Some apps have an email support center, but the answers need to come quicker. When the user enters contact info inside the app, the problem usually needs to be resolved within the moment.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a bug or a complaint about some service, even a compliment, if you can showcase good support system to your user, it will be considered a big difference.

We hope that these tips will help your app have more engaged users and finally get loyalty from your client. If you get interested in this kind of content, what do you think about subscribing to our newsletter?

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