How find keywords that were used by users?

Do you have an app in app stores, which has to be found by the users? There’s research from TechCrunch which states that half of the users find apps by searching directly in app stores. Do you know what this means? That you’re obligated to invest in best keywords for the app.

With so many apps that are more or less similar available to download, the only way to get visibility is investing in App Store Optimization. And the first step for that, is choosing select keywords to make your app found.

What is a good keyword?

It’s normal to choose keywords for you app based on the number of searches the ASO keyword receives.

Nevertheless, it probably will be the last method that you’re going to use to find good keywords. Maybe you will not even use that, because there are other useful elements to be taken into consideration in order to improve the searches of your app.

First of all, give importance to the relevance of the keyword. It has to make sense with your app and the service that you are going to offer.

So, you have to be more specific, if you use “basketball results and scores,” it will be much easier to find your app in the crowd.

It’s important to observe the mobile keyword ranking in app stores too. Nobody will download the apps that rank last. For example, even with a keyword that makes sense with the service that you provide, if your app is listed as the thirtieth result, probably app store keyword is not working.

In this case, pay attention to which keywords have relevance and impact in ranking, prefer to choose keywords optimization that have the best chance to appear at least in the first ten apps when a user searches for something inside the app store.

Why is so important to find the right keywords?

You have to remember that many searches made in app stores come from intention from what the user wants, not necessarily a specific app. That’s why selecting the right keyword is essential because it’s the only way that people have the opportunity to view your app.

If your goal is to make people find your app, you need to put yourself in place of your customer. What would you search to find the service that you provide in app stores? Your answer may be your first keyword. But, don’t base yourself just on this, there are keyword optimization tools to help.

Keyword ideas from users: is that possible?

Did you stop to think that the users itself can help you to decide what can be the best keywords for your app? It seems crazy, but one of your best sources are your customers.


Forums are a great space to know better who is a potential user of  your app. There are a lot of people who can bring you good ideas to invest in keywords. But, it’s not easy to find something related to your app on your face.

Maybe you’ll need to use some techniques in your search. Google itself can help: use a search string, with the URL of the forum plus the name of the app together. Posts about this app might appear and it’s going to help you decide which keywords to use.

Although the list seems full of unnecessary information, this is a great mobile app marketing strategy to find words that people are looking for.

Facebook Ads

Facebook gives you the option of doing specific research that can be linked with Google Forms. You can create a hypothetical scenario about  data you want to know. All the answers received will be collected.

With Facebook Ads you get information— like interests, location, age, etc. With this, it will be easier to decide which keywords to use.

Even with this information if you’re still doubtful on which keywords to choose for the app , RankMyApp can be the solution! Don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists in App Store Optimization!

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