Holiday season and its importance for mobile retail

There is no best time of the year than holiday season! It’s a huge opportunity to board in the sales era and get new users, conversions and buyers. The best part is that apps are included in the frenzy, not just e-commerce.

We say this because people are prone to use more and more apps for shopping, especially when we have Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. It’s important to be prepared.

Shoppers migrate to mobile

Mobile is transforming how people experience internet. The thing is that users more than ever are trusting the mobile market and doing everyday things through apps.

It’s awesome for developers and when we talk about apps and shopping, the holiday season was very important to the mobile growth in this area. Now people trust in buying through apps and enjoy doing that wherever they are.

According to e-Marketer, 2017 had a record number of sales with most of the shopping done on smartphones, either by apps or responsive sites. But it proves that for users the comfort levels are higher on apps.

The experience on apps is personalized to each person as the data is already saved and sometimes there are apps that already know the user preference depending on what is searched for.

So, who doesn’t invest in mobile will suffer a significant revenue loss in this holiday season, because it’s proved that smartphones are the favorite place to shopping second to desktop.

Personalization is the secret

As we said, personalizing the user experience is one of the secrets to get success in the holiday season. Now what is the difference between your app and the competition when we talk about sales?

More than the discount offered, even that we’re talking about a “crazy date”, when people want to buy a product or a service, they want to be well attended too and feel comfortable buying the item.

So it can be a good way to be in front of people and bring new conversions for the app. Besides that, imagine the opportunity for retaining users with a personalized service.

About strategies

Don’t leave strategies for the holiday season to the last hour for your app. It will not bring you results and you are going to waste time and money. It’s not just sales, it’s the period that everybody sells!

Even that the mean goal is always trying to do what the client wants the most about the app, sometimes it’s very hard. Some strategies have to be created thinking how the users will receive it.

It’s all about testing what kind of approach works better with your audience. And at the same time pay attention to things that call attention of new users and potentially users that will buy in your app not just during the holiday season.

Anyway, the best advice that we can share is update the App Store Optimization of the app at this time of the year. In the Halloween, use emojis of ghosts and pumpkins or for christmas sales, think of something like a Santa Claus or a christmas tree.

Focus on the imagination that can help you have ideas. Clients nowadays are modern and want to be surprised, and mobile collaborated with this discovery. But it’s a mission for apps to get ready to receive this audience.

If you want to be connected about everything that involves mobile marketing or you still have some doubts in how to prepare your app and optimize it not just in season greetings, talk with a specialist in app marketing from RankMyApp!

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