M-commerce: what is it and what is its differential for the business?

M-commerce is an extremely necessary adaptation made in the electronic market for mobile devices. Its growth has been so significant in latest years that large and small entrepreneurs have invested in its potential. But, after all, what is m-commerce? An evolution of e-commerce? And how to use it in your business?

Every entrepreneur who owns an e-commerce should invest in m-commerce to enhance their brand, give credibility and monetize more customers. Therefore, we present some reasons that will make the difference in your business, giving a more comprehensive understanding of mobile commerce.

Is m-commerce the evolution of the e-commerce?

It can surely be said that m-commerce is an evolution of e-commerce, since this shift was the solution for connected on-call people to let go a desktop source and perform all activities connected to the internet on a mobile device.

In fact, not only the connected on-call people are benefiting from this technology. On 2017 Black Friday, for instance, due to the expansion of purchases made by mobile, there was a 10,3% growth in e-commerce revenue, according to information posted the Profissional de E-commerce website.

This data only proves that investing on a mobile-friendly website or even on a branding application will make the sales number grow significantly and thus increasing the visibility of the business.

What are the differentials of mobile commerce for your business?

The m-commerce key differentiating factors for your business already begin on consumer search. Google has a specific algorithm that prioritizes websites that are adapted for smartphones. That is, right on product search, your website outstrips the rest.

In addition, there are also three other important differentials in how to improve services and sales through M-commerce:

1 – Customer mobility experience

It is much more interesting for the consumer to have a brand that offers a mobile version for a simple reason: convenience. Enabling to browse the page and even buy products on the cell phone while waiting in a queue, for example, is much more attractive than waiting to get back home and connecting to a computer for this.

Or even if the person accesses a website that is not suited for m-commerce, it will be painful to navigate. In addition to the long loading time, the size will be disproportionate, it will be a hard time to click and choose items, among other dysfunctions that might lead customers to give up and seek for competitors.

2- Target audience detailing and campaign customization

The choice of personas to define the target audience is important to adapt to m-commerce. Defining a profile to design who your customer is makes you know them better, and therefore, creating strategies for campaigns focused on your target consumer will be easier.

With the designation of personas and the selection of which audience the content is being directed to, the enterprise manages to develop campaigns that are much more specific and compatible with the interest of the buyers.

3- Representation in the market

The name of your business within the market is very important for brand loyalty. Strong representation means that your business is remembered by the consumer whenever they want a product they already know you can offer.

For this reason, being aware of how m-commerce works, understanding the customer profile, analyzing the competition, and staying within the trends of 2018, mainly, leave you one step ahead of the others.

App Store Optimization: how to use it to your advantage?

Optimize the app is ideal for your success and visibility within the app stores. Ideally, this optimization should be done in an organic way, that is, without continuous sponsorship. Whether you want it or not, being at the top without any tied advertising provides more reliability to the buyer.

App Store Optimization is an SEO practice for apps, with the function of increasing the visibility of your app and making it well-positioned when consulted on search engines within app stores (even if you do not type its name properly).

Thereby, adapting your website to m-commerce, sales number, profitability, customer loyalty, and brand recognition tends to increase growth. With the increase in purchases by mobile devices, there is no reason to give up on starting a quest for the mobile world.

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