Data app 2018: user behavior and the impacts for ASO

Now that apps are more internationalized than ever, it’s very important to analyze the data of apps nowadays, understanding what users are doing and based on that, what they expect from an app.

This kind of information can help with your own marketing strategies, because it can impact  the App Store Optimization. Thinking about it, we decide to talk about user behavior in 2018 and how you can use this to improve your app.

Google Play X Apple Store: downloads

2018 was a year that made it clear the real difference between the customers that use Google Play and Apple Store. First of all, Google has more users because they have an operating system — android — that works with almost all devices available nowadays, except iPhones.

iOS on the other side, is an exclusive Apple service, reaching just one type of device and consequently with less users. So, naturally, Google Play Store in total numbers has more downloads comparing with Apple Store.

But it doesn’t mean that Apple necessarily failed. iPhone users  buy more apps than Android ones.

The thing is, recently, Google Play had a significant boost from India when we talk about number of downloads. Mainly the game and sports categories when compared to Apple Store.

This was observed because World Cup had a lot of impact on apps. Apps that used good marketers to add seasonal strategies won more user interest in the subject. From June to July, part of top 10 ranking in app stores was about World Cup 2018.

Google Play X Apple Store: spending

As we told before, users of iOS  spend more than Android users. And the first semester of 2018 as a proof of this. Still talking about the sports category, it contributed the third biggest profit share to the app store. It came third to entertainment and apps used for productivity, respectively.

The countries that most use apps in the world represent a significant part of this profit. It’s impressive how apps are part of user’s life. As years go by the profit tends to increase.

Quantity X quality

The perceptions of user experience are changing. In the beginning, people used to use all the smartphone storage to download as many apps as possible.

Because in that time everything was new and testing was warranted. With the pass of the time, the number of apps in the smartphones wasn’t  the main goal of the users. They start to select more of what they want.

It means that now user prefer much more an app that have quality, be complete and do everything that is requested, instead of use five apps do to different things.

This information is a good tip for developers to think a little bit more how their app can attend better to their users. The more options you give to your client, the easier will it be to convince a download.

Even that external storage is available to load photos and videos, users still prefer have space in the phone to put photos than apps. So, imagine a photo editing app that will be perfect.

Now that you know-all about the user behavior and how it’s important to always check ASO and be aware that you need to update the optimization of your app, the next step is understand how App Store Optimization can help you.

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