Three steps to conquer mobile user acquisition

One of the greatest challenges for apps is consistent mobile user acquisition, mostly in the organic way. But, with higher competition, sometimes it is very hard for users to find the app.

Good news is there are some strategies to help your app to have a good performance in the app stores and get more conversions. Check out our step-by-step guide to improve app user acquisition for your business!

Step 1: choose the right category

The first step to achieve user acquisition is to choose the right category for your app. It’s where they look for first when they need a specific app. It’s useful to find the most relevant category for your app.

We say that because you can opt for two possibilities when seeking a user acquisition strategy for apps: either you invest in a competitive category that your app fit in all the aspects or you can find another one that is not so ambitious, but at the same time you have more chances to be found there.

Step 2: pick the best keywords

The process of App Store Optimization (ASO) involves choosing the right keywords sou you can be found on app stores. It’s possible to optimize a lot of elements of the app, like title, description, videos, screenshots, photos, icon and others.

But what’s most important to gain visibility is choosing the best keyword and the one that fits with your app’s purpose. There are keywords that have too much competition. For instance, if you write “photo” in the app store’s search, it will appear for millions of other apps.

A better strategy is to go for long tail keywords. If the app is about photos, it will be hard to be the first in searches. So, you can use something like “special effects photo”, and you’ll have more chances to be found.

mobile user acquisition

It is hard to optimize the app acquisition strategy and study what is the best keyword. That’s why it’s better to ask someone specialized in the subject to work with you.

Step 3: focus on competition

Your competitors will say a lot about the strategies that you have to adopt. And analyzing it is part of App Store Optimization.

What the competition is doing that is different compared to other apps? What kind of strategy they use to get more conversions? These questions are important because your strategy can change according to what competition is doing. It’s all about that saying: keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

Brainstorm and priorities

Besides thinking about the items above, there is so much more to do to get mobile app user acquisition in an organic way. The best thing to do is put in a paper everything that you desire and think what your app aspires to be, list other priorities and things that have to be done.

The comparison will help you see what is important to invest time and money now and what it’s possible to improve with the time and with the maturity of your app. Anyway, our advice is to start with optimization, because this triggers other goals.

When your app is ok with optimization, consequently you’ll get more visibility and the app will be in the ranking of the app stores. More than that, it will give more downloads and conversions.

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