App Store Connect doubts: RMA hypothesis and analysis

People have been using iTunes Connect from the last few years. Over time it has got many updates. That’s why now the old iTunes Connect is called by a new name: App Store Connect.

To make it clear to the developers and help them understand how App Store Connect works, our RankMyApp team has come up with an analysis of how it affects ASO. Check it out:

First of all, what is App Store Connect?

The App Store Connect available iOS give the opportunity to developers to manage their apps that are hosted in the Apple Store. It’s possible to use it to monitor metrics about what’s happening with the app, like performance and views.

More than that, it is possible to receive notifications about feedback from the users and answer it immediately.

What is the differential of this update?

Apple affirms that new functions will be enabled with time, like the ability to any person to test the app with a beta version, without a link. It’s possible to simplify the tasks and facilitate the team access.

About the app

Firstly, there is some important information that we have about App Store Connect. The new version of this app is called by “binary”, so 1.0.1 is a binary version. As we know until now, there’s no study about it yet, so it’s not possible to say how it impacts metrics.

To understand the dynamics is important to know what’s conversion rate. You can get conversions either by number of impressions or the page product view. But, our tip is always use impressions.

When the impression is the same and visits and downloads are decreasing It means that you did something wrong and you have to review your ASO strategy.

RMA hypothesis

We have five main hypothesis for our clients and discovered some things about the app store in Brazil, take a look:

1)    We found out that affirmative words are better for optimization than others. Words like request, do, control and etc.

2)    If you keep your app updated, there is more chance of your keywords being seen on the top of the list, but we don’t know exactly how long it takes, maybe somewhere around four to six weeks.

3)    One of the best strategies if you want to get good results in ranking is using the right  keywords in the title and subtitle. So, the tip is if you want to improve your optimization, work on it!

4)    The keyword field is an excellent space to rank the most difficult keywords that you use. So, if you realize that some word is not ranking, use the field.

5)    About the keywords and repetition of category, we analyzed 554 reviews of Rappi, an app for food delivery. On that app t, the most commonly used keywords were delivery, service and delivery man.

The curious thing is is that the app wasn’t optimized for any of these keywords. Instead, in the keyword field we had the keyword “services” and in the subtitle we had “deliveries”. The difference is that the last keyword was plural.

So, with this, we have the conclusion is that reviews don’t rank keywords.

Well, now that you know a little bit more about the App Store Connect and how it can affect your app, it’s time to invest in App Store Optimization and make it work for your app be in the ranking of app stores.

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