Rate app: the importance of evaluation and reviews

Rate app: the importance of evaluation and reviews

The importance of a rate app is to understand the things your app needs to improve. This detailed look at an app covers comparing an app with competitors, detailed analysis of feedback, improved ratings, upgrade of features and increased downloads.

Even though the positive app rating is important, the negative reviews are right behind, showing the importance of being alert with all the comments made by users and thus being able to have more clarity of the changes and updates needed on the mobile platform. In this article, you will learn what to make a correct analysis on the subject.

The importance of evaluating applications

In addition to the ASO strategy, one of the factors that must be taken into account to rank well an app is the review. Both app reviews and ratings are practical proofs that determine the success of your app, as users choose apps with the best evaluation.

If you want to focus only on users who have already used your app, there are stores that offer the option to select only reviews of users who have posted a review app, that is, those who have already downloaded the app.

App evaluation: some data on the subject

In the beginning of 2020, RankMyAPP collected some data based on application evaluation of e-commerce, delivery and finance. Among the information obtained, it can be noted that most of the reviews made by users are compliments.

For better understanding, the rate app analysis was categorized as follows:

  • Compliments;
  • Doubts;
  • Complaints;
  • Suggestions,
  • Other.


  • 71% of the reviews were praise;
  • 24% of the reviews were complaints;
  • 3% of the reviews were suggestions,
  • 2% of the reviews were doubts.


Another important factor for someone to download an app is the quality of reviews they received in app stores. These comments are made by users who have already tested the app and have also given their stars – the rating from 1 to 5.

This analysis of review data can improve the feedback your app receives on stores, and make it appear first when a user searches those stores. But how? App stores work with an algorithm that takes into account the rating app — that app that has only good ratings will always appear at the top of searches in relation to others.

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is based on reviews and takes into account the type of user comment, along with your rate app. Reviews are classified as positive, negative, neutral or mixed.

Taking these factors into consideration is essential because the user of an app wants to be sure it works well, just like any consumer. And it’s by looking at the reviews and rating that this is going to be completed.

Interaction with the users

Once you’ve evaluated and understood the feedback from your app’s users, responding to these reviews is important to establish a healthy relationship with them. In this interaction, it is worth responding clearly, truthful, positive and informative.

For example, if a negative comment is talking about an error, honestly answer the deadline for correcting the failure. Edit the response to keep the user up to date, and always leave public responses for everyone to view.

Why analyze your reviews

Investing in a review service is very important. Here’s how, and why apps should focus their attention on them:

  • Avoid so-good new reviews: if you respond to negative feedback by solving a problem, new comments about the same problem will hardly appear;
  • Improves your grade: responding and resolving your users’ ratings increases the chances of it changing your initial rate app;
  • Promotes user satisfaction: after all, knowing that an app takes into account the problems of its customers is essential for any product,
  • Stimulates ideas: negative reviews are great for influencing the emergence of insights about new features for your app.

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