App Icons Color Palette: the most popular colors

How many times do you catch yourself thinking “I don’t have time for nothing” or “I’m always running”? To serve as a consolation, you aren’t alone. People have no patience anymore, even to download an app. That’s why the app icon is so important. If you don’t get it, don’t worry, we’re going to explain.

Users don’t spend more than ten seconds when opening a page or reading a description to choose an app. Sometimes the app icon is determined. If your app icon design isn’t a good one, you probably are losing conversions.

The importance of an app icon

It’s possible that your app is losing conversions because of your icon, it’s already a proof that the app icon is significant and has to be optimized by App Store Optimization.

But, imagine yourself looking for an app in app stores. You search some keyword about what you need and a list with ten apps appears. But, you don’t have time to analyze how to do the same and have a tendency to overlook that bit.

First impression

Nobody needs to be a design expert to know when an icon is poorly done. The first impression of your app for the user comes from the icon of your business. If the image of your app has a terrible quality appearing pixelated, for example, you need to reconsider your icon choice.

The purpose of your app

It is interesting to define the purpose of your app before launch. And this purpose has to be represented in your app. If your app is about food, in the logo it’s recommendable that you bring some reference to this category.

With this, the icon itself will have the power to explain indirectly to the user what your app is about. Other detail that is very important to decide are the colors of your icon, which may reflect the design of your app.

Does the app color palette matter?

Before developing the app icon template, you need to define a color palette for your app, because the elements of all the design must talk with each other. It’s not recommended choosing a color for the icon which doesn’t combine with the design inside the app.

So, common suggestion is to opt for three primary colors, maintain a chromatic balance, by choosing similar colors, which have the same tone. It’s crucial to invest in contrasts too..

In order not to make a mistake, the advice is to work exclusively with a different color, because it’s a chance to stamp your app in the market. Just think of Facebook, everybody knows that Facebook’s blue.

How to choose the app color?

To turn your app remarkable by the color, we separate main categories in app stores to analyze what colors are present in their design to help you define the best color palette for your app.


The category of games has a bunch of colors because it is the dominant category in app stores. This is the only case of diversity of colors in just one category. Anyway, the radiant colors prevail in apps, because games are related with a lot of details and items.

Another detail is that colors that approximate skin tone are used in games a lot because lots of people use those characters as icons.

Food and drinks

There’s a curious fact in this category. The color most used, more specifically 25%, is red. The peculiarity comes from a discovery about the sense of our brain. We associate red color with hunger and food. It’s no accident that the largest fast-food chain, Mcdonald’s, predominantly use red color in their app logo design.


Comparing with other categories, social media has a large number of apps using the white color. The explanation is that many apps use flashy colors in their logos, so, it’s necessary a basic one.

Now, more than ever, you know how vital it is to define a palette color for your app. But, if you find this task hard or are undecided about what the best colors are to create your icon and be remembered, we have good news.

As we said before, the icon can be optimized by ASO, and all of these questions can be resolved by being specialized in the area. So, if you were interested, make a personalized analysis with RankMyApp!

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