5 new mobile design trends to inspire

Who wants to start 2019 with the best mobile design for their app? We know that users care a lot about design and how inviting the application is. They want to see themselves in the service, see that they have something in common, even if it’s something as simple as the  colours of the organization.

The best part of it is that RankMyApp has listed some mobile design trends for you get inspired and potentially apply a new face in your app. Check our list:

1- Starting with typography!

People have the impression that is not possible to take a chance from infinity elements that design in general has. Just because apps have a similar format, doesn’t mean that they have to be equal.

Typography is a technique to organize your text and give more power to it. So, it’s not just a phrase, it’s a phrase with design, words well-combined in a funny and beautiful way.

The typography can be created according to the characteristics of your app. A good way to use is in your icon, in case if you don’t have an image as logo of your brand. This kind of design calls people attention and pass the feeling that your app worth.

2- A geometric design

You probably are thinking: “geometric design? This is not new!”. If it is not new, why you are not using it yet? Jokes apart, geometric design is a trend to get inspired because it brings the sensation of organization.

It’s possible to adopt triangles, squares, ovals, circles; Regardless of the choice, this kind of design brings the appearance that it is easy to use your app, and it gives the opportunity to have other elements.

3- Combining illustrated with the reality

If there is something that has been used for some time now, it is combining illustrated figures with something that is real. Maybe it can be the toughest design to adopt in an app, but it depends on your theme, style and what your app does.

Anyway, if you feel that it doesn’t make sense with your purpose, you don’t need to make too much to see some difference in your design. For example, if you have a photo of somebody doing something about your app, you can add in this image an illustration. 

4- Bet in solid colours

Another trend that makes a difference to the users is to bet in solid colours. We say that because this kind of combination doesn’t bring too much information and let the users pay attention to other elements present in your app.

So, if there is a page of your app that has a lot of information to pass to the user, the better strategy is to use it as a background of solid colour. Use a flat background with one colour, being more comfortable to look at it.

5- Don’t want solid colours? Ok, let’s go to the gradients!

You might have already seen famous apps use gradients inside the app and in their campaigns too. This is the case of Spotify. This kind of strategy is very smart, because it brings the sensation of futurism.

So naturally users feels that your app is a futuristic technology and it is confident too. But if you feel  that it will be so colorful for your app’s idea, you can use two tones together. Both the gradient and the duo can be used in different positions and perspectives.

With these tips from different designers for your app, I bet that you will be in the trend of the year and you’ll feel the difference in your feedback and retention numbers. If you want to read more posts like this and other related information on  ASO, subscribe now to our newsletter!

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