Women in tech: 4 appreneurs to inspire

As Beyonce already said: who runs the world? Girls! The thing is, when we talk about technology, naturally people imagine a man as CEO or appreneur. So if you think like that, it’s time to open your way of thinking and see that women are in the tech control too!

Thinking that we need to talk more about women in the tech field we created a list of 4 women appreneurs. See and inspire yourself the great work they did!

1- Melanie Perkins

Co-founder and CEO from Canva, Melanie Perkins commands one of the famous apps in the space of design and software design. Canva is popular because it’s free and attracts different kinds of audiences, among who want to learn more about designtrying new parts.

The headquarters from Canva is in Australia and nowadays the startup is evaluated in around one billion dollars. Canva was launched in 2013 and had a faster growth. Malanie is considered one of the responsible of been part of the investment round in Australia with Canva.

And if you want to know more about her history, before Canva, Perkins founded her first business in Australia, a company  with a specific design for schools for developing their own yearbooks. Recently, the company grew up and expanded business to New Zealand and France.

2- Robyn Exton

Robyn Exton is responsible for creating the app Her, a social app made for gay women. The idea came naturally, when Robyn was in a bar in London and during some conversation, she thought “why not create an app for bisexual, transgender, lesbian, queer women for dating dating?”. Well, she made it!

She observed the necessity of something related with it in the market. She feels that the apps related with relationship doesn’t embrace her and her friends. So it was a huge opportunity to develop something new.

The app is totally complete and besides making happen dates between women that are interested in the other, it provides some articles about the subject!

3- Ida Tin

CEO and co-founder of Clue, Ida is responsible for one of the highest growing apps about female health. The app is like a discovery, where women understand how to balance lifestyle, health welfare.

The app is available in more than 190 countries and counts with 5 millions users, where uses actively the application. Ida is completely involved with technology and she feels that this tool will and can change the future when we talk about family and how we deal with it.

More than that, she has been mentioned in some media vehicles, like New york magazine, New York Times, Le Figaro and Der Spiegel. And in some conferences in Paris, like LeWeb, Tin is a speaker.

4- Gillian Morris

Gillian Morris created an app that everybody should have in their smartphone, the Hitlist. Basically, the idea is to make a list of all of the places that you dream to travel to and the app warns you when is cheap to travel to this place.

The best part of her history is that she had the idea of the app when she was travelling and was in the border of Badakhshan, didn’t have money to buy a plane ticket, only $200 in the hand. Crazy, but incredible!

We hope that you liked to know more about these women history and their contribution to app technology, mainly when we talked about nice apps and women in tech control!

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