Why you need a mobile marketing company?

As you probably know, we’re living in an age dominated by smartphones. Hundreds of apps make part and parcel of our lives.. Investing in this market is the future. However, success doesn’t come merely with a good idea. You need a mobile marketing company that knows the ropes.

The thing is: even if your app provides an excellent service, people have to be able to find it in app stores. With a team of specialists who know App Store Optimization in and out this becomes an easy task.

The importance of App Store Optimization

Some developers have in mind that the process of ASO isn’t just based just on finding keywords or using the right keywords. Besides choosing the best keywords you need to know how to write proper descriptions, opt-in text for titles and other such things.

As we said, people have to find your app, and this happens only if you are optimizing the apps for app stores. Creativity to harmonize a good title with the best keyword is essential.  Description, screenshots and the knack to deal with ratings and reviews is best done by an App Store Optimizer.

A/B testing: different perspectives and solutions

A good mobile marketing strategy is a test if your performance in ASO is working and what do you need to change. You have the chance to compare versions of your “app’s page” in app stores.

Like this, it is possible to know what design, for example, has more success and conversions. You can test your icon, screenshots, videos to see what nets you most downloads.

ASO is a process that never ends

Well done! You already made A/B tests, collected the perfect keywords for your app, so, let the success begin. But, all of this success will only continue if the process of ASO doesn’t stop.

You need to consistently track the evolution of app optimization, comparing results and getting conclusions for what is better to change and what is essential to maintain. Apps have been developing all the time, and others are updating nonstop. So, if you stop, you’re going to lose conversions.  

Content is the key to the success

The app description is a crucial element to help attract more conversions. Keywords are to be included in descriptions, but, always remember that your text has to convey meaning but a lot of keywords that don’t even make sense will not help cause app rankings to skyrocket.   

To get your text rich, without write unnecessary things or, if you have too much information to pass, it is possible to create links, and this can influence the Google Play rating, for example. More than that, always try to boost your app through blogs, comments, forums on the internet, etc.

Nowadays, app developers need an ASO assistance. It is almost impractical to launch an app looking for success without an optimization. And the best part is that app marketing companies work differently with each app.

This strategy is made because each product has their needs. So, it’s possible to say that the digital marketing service is much more personalized, and the keywords selected, for example, will be made precisely for your audience.

Now that you know how ASO is vital to your business, do you want more information about marketing to apply to your app? Try to talk with an ASO specialist, from RankMyApp!

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