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What to evaluate when creating in app advertising

In app advertising is becoming an increasingly assertive bet for those looking to outline more effective marketing strategies, especially when it comes to advertising on mobile platforms.

This is due to the significant increase in smartphone users and, consequently, applications. An article by the GSMA claims that more than 67% of the world’s population (5,100 million people) owns a smartphone. It is expected that by 2022, this number will grow to 700 million.

With these numbers, it’s easier to understand how people’s routine is tied to their phones. Thus, the display in app advertising is even greater, since the platforms are constantly accessed by users. To do this, it’s important to know how to create and how best to create ads for apps.

What should you take into account

Illustrative art referring to woman in app advertising.

Just like any other marketing campaign creation, it is necessary to pay attention to some points of advertising, especially when it comes to in app advertising. It is important to keep in mind that these ads consist of the presentation of your product.

That means no type of CTA (call to action) should be used, because the user’s attention should not be diverted from what he seeks on the platform. With these conditions, it is important to analyze some points more carefully. In addition to fitting into the formats of in app advertising, there are even more ways to work on more assertive content.

Think of the user

Contrary to what many might imagine, platform advertisements are related to UX apps, in other words, to mobile user acquisition. If a user uses an application that contains many advertisements, this factor may be responsible for uninstalling the software.

Also, if the ad content is unrelated to the platform’s services or doesn’t attract attention, the user may be annoyed by the app advertisements, resulting in a poor user acquisition.

Don’t encourage the user to click on the ad

The user should be aware of the existence of the ads, but their focus should be kept on the app. He must navigate the platform behind the solution of his problems and interests.

Ads will be clicked if the displayed content calls your attention, but this should not happen because of the influence of some incentive phrase. Because of this, advertising should contain details that arouse curiosity.

Reserve the right space for ads

One of the best advertising strategies is by using custom tabs to show ads in mobile apps while loading the platform page.

Another important mobile user acquisition strategy is to position your ads in regions that offer some role to the user for the app. When placed next to irrelevant content or that doesn’t add anything to the person, the ad can draw more attention. Ads must be a bonus.

Campaign creation and display

As with all advertising campaigns, it is necessary to study your target audience to communicate with it more assertively. In the app, because there is no CTA, communication should be further worked on.

Some ways of exposing the campaign can be more practical and offer the desired visualization, without overshadowing the features of the platform itself. The most common ad format options are:

  • Banner in the footnote;
  • Opening screen;
  • Push notifications,
  • Restricted tab with promotions and discount coupons for VIPs users.

Count on the help of RankMyAPP

Creating in-app advertising requires details that are often not needed in ads served in other media. To clarify your doubts and help you create an assertive campaign, check out our newsletter.

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