What is design thinking and why you need to use it

Have you been asking: What is design thinking? This article will answer that question and explain how it could benefit your app.

What is design thinking?

Design thinking principles focus on what users need. The goal is to build an app that provides an excellent user experience by coming up with innovative solutions that solve user problems.

Design thinking process

There are six design thinking steps that can occur in order, concurrently, and/or repetitively.


You will need to begin the process by researching what your target users need. Although this step takes time, the extra effort will be worth it.

Researching your target market gives you a better understanding of the users you are trying to attract. This understanding enables you to build a high-quality app that meets their needs and has a greater chance of being successful.

Determine user problems

After conducting your research, you must pinpoint the problems your users are having. When you know what users are dealing with you will be able to create a solution that makes their lives easier and causes them to become faithful customers.

Brainstorm solutions

The next step is to come up with solutions that solve the problems your target market has. Think about ways your app could help users with those problems.

Develop a prototype

After you have brainstormed some solutions you must test them out using a prototype.

Test your prototype

Testing your ideas before your app officially launches will ensure success, showing you which of your ideas worked and which didn’t.

After the initial test, conduct further testing and build on your discovers. Keep using the ideas that showed success and improve or discard those that didn’t.

Launch your app

After testing, it’s time to officially launch your app. Thanks to your research, brainstorming, and testing, your app will be more successful than if you had not taken the time to go through the design thinking steps.

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Benefits of design thinking methods

Design thinking methods place the needs of the customer first, which is exactly why following these principles when developing your app often leads to greater success.

Here is a quick overview of the benefits of design thinking in business:

  • Innovation – The most successful businesses are innovative, offering something that hasn’t been seen or experienced before. The design thinking process takes you through the steps that will help you come up with new and exciting ideas.
  • Competitor Edge – There is a vast amount of competition out there, making it vital for a business to stand out. The creative solutions that design thinking helps you discover will set you apart from the crowd.
  • Less Risk – It’s always a bit risky to try a new idea, but the design thinking process allows you to test your ideas. Testing provides quick feedback regarding what works and what doesn’t.
  • User Experience – Because design thinking focuses on meeting the needs of users, following its steps leads you to build an app that provides a stellar user experience. This makes users satisfied with your app, causing them to keep using it.
  • Increased Revenue – As mentioned in the last point, a better app results in satisfied users. They are more likely to purchase your products and become repeat customers, which increases revenue.
  • Effective Marketing – When users are happy with your app they will use it more often, keeping them aware of your brand.

Now you have the answer to your question, What is design thinking? Using your new understanding of it, try to incorporate the design thinking steps into your app development process so that you can create an app that users love and keep coming back to.

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