Illustrative art shows a person, referring to the conversion rate.

What is a good conversion rate for your app?

Metrics are the key to analyze if your app is doing well in app stores or need improvement. With it, it’s possible to know how good your conversion rate is and what you need to do to improve the numbers.

The fact is: you need to feed your app with some strategies to affect your conversion rate positively. But, people always think that the way to improve the conversion rate is to work at improving downloads in app stores. But, it isn’t just that. We’re going to explain!

First of all, what’s conversion and how to calculate it?

As we said, the metric of conversion rate is not based just on the number of downloads. There are two possibilities. It can be composed of the number of downloads, the percent of users that still are using your app and the retention of clients.

Or, in general, the rate of conversion is based on the number of views of the app page and the number of downloads. The explanation for the two ways to calculate the rate is because it depends on the business of your app.

Anyway, independent of how you choose to calculate conversion rates the vital aspect is calculation. Use this metric to know how your business is going, and the results can be one of the sources to analyze if you need to adopt new strategies.

Strategies to adopted in your app

Some strategies can be adapted to help your app achieve a reasonable conversion rate. First of all, you need to optimize your app. With ASO, it’s possible to make people find your app, choosing the right keywords.

You can optimize the title, icon, screenshots, and description. You have to keep in mind that a good design calls more attention than a big text. The conversion rate and optimization are entirely connected.

It means that if you invest in good screenshots the user no longer needs to read descriptions to understand what the app does. This in turn positively impacts conversions.

The primary goal is to make your app page self-explanatory. People don’t spend more than 30 seconds clicking on “read more”. Users prefer practicality to complexity and an easy enough approach that explains what it does.

In this case, the first impression is everything. Besides optimization, creativity and quality in your app’s page are crucial elements to elevate conversion rates.

What’s a reasonable conversion rate?

Illustrative art, referring to the conversion rate.

We can’t put a number to answer the question. It depends on the type of your business, your investment in App Store Optimization and if your strategies are giving you results.

But it’s always nice to remember that retention is as important as the conversion. Users that are faithful with your app probably will tell other people and consequently, increase the number of downloads.

But, it’s possible to balance your growth in app stores. You can choose one of the options cited above to define a number for your conversion rate. Your mobile marketing company will know from the results if your strategies need improvement or not.

So, try contacting one of the specialists in ASO from RankMyApp. With a personalized analysis, they will guide you on how to increase the visibility in app stores!

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