Using the smart app banner to increase user acquisition

Your website should have a Smart App Banner that takes site visitors to your app’s product page in the App Store. This tool is an effective way to direct potential new users to your app, as well as encourage current users to open your app.

What is a Smart App Banner?

A mobile app banner is a promotional tool that can be used to acquire more users for your app. Smart App Banners only work in mobile Safari and can only be used to promote the iOS version of your app.

The banner resides at the top of your website’s page and displays information about your app. Site visitors will also see your app’s icon, rating, and price.

The banner has the ability to detect whether or not site visitors have already downloaded your app. For those who have already installed your app, clicking on the call to action button takes them inside your app.

But those who have not downloaded your app and click the button in the banner will be taken to the app’s product page in the App Store.

Once those new users return to your website they will see a progress bar inside the banner that tells them how much longer the download will take. After the download has been completed the banner’s button will change to “Open”, which will allow users to access the app directly from your website.

This banner is also smart enough to detect when users visit your website on a device that doesn’t support your app or if they come from a location where your app is not available. Those visitors won’t be shown the iOS Smart Banner.

This ensures that only users who are able to download and use your app see the banner, which will avoid frustrating website visitors who aren’t able to install your app.

Benefits of the Smart App Banner

Using an iOS Smart Banner has many benefits. See the list below to learn what these benefits are:

  • Unobtrusive – This mobile app banner does not take up an entire page and interfere with a visitor’s experience. Instead, it shows up at the top of the page and stays out of the way;
  • Trustworthy – Users who see this banner can be sure that it will take them directly to the App Store instead of a third party advertisement. This will make them more likely to click on the mobile app banner rather than avoid or ignore it;
  • Not Pushy – Although you want users to become aware of your app, you don’t want to annoy them with pushy ads. This will end up backfiring on you. That’s why the Smart App Banner has a close button that allows users to dismiss it.
    In addition, the iOS Smart Banner will not reappear to repeat visitors. This might seem ineffective, but you really don’t want users to associate your brand with annoying ads that they can’t get rid of;
  • Smart detection – As already mentioned, the Smart App Banner has the ability to detect what kinds of visitors are on your website. Clicking on the banner takes potential users to the download page, but users who already have your app will be taken inside it. The banner’s detection capabilities also prevent it from being shown to users on devices that don’t support your app.

A Smart App Banner can increase conversions, which is one of the five pillars of the most successful apps. If you want your app to become successful, implementing a Smart App Banner on your website can help you achieve that.

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