Top social media apps: features and results

I bet that one of the most useful app among the apps installed on your phone is a social media app. But why does we like it so much? First of all, because it connects us to each other. There are a lot of app examples that we can use which now make part and parcel of our lives.

We have listed the top social media apps to say a little bit more about their features, results inside the app stores and some changes according to the years.

1- Facebook

You probably already imagine that Facebook is the most popular social media app. It has 2 billion active users, counting that this people use Facebook per month. Everybody that we know has this particular social media app.

Their secret is know how to keep people together and, at the same time, everybody have their personal profile. On the other hand, 2018 was the year that Facebook didn’t see a significant growth.

It was analyzed that young people are leaving this network and migrating to others. To Facebook, this is ok just because the other social media are the same team as Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg — Instagram.

2- YouTube

Occupying the second position, YouTube is well-known because it’s universal. It’s the first place that we think when we need to see some video or look for a particular song. This title is deservedly theirs after years of establishing themselves on the internet.

There are other alternatives in social media that have the same functions as YouTube, but, at the same time, not all of them have access worldwide. It gets closer to Facebook talking about numbers, around 1.9 billions logged in users.

3- WhatsApp

You are expecting and imagining this name, right? When we talk about the message categories, for sure WhatsApp is the first one. It potentially connects users around the world and is the app that requires less internet data to perform a variety of tasks making it all the more popular.

Besides that, WhatsApp was very smart in the strategy mainly with their features. If before it was just a place to send text messages, now you can send audio, videos, make video calls with new possibilities added every other day.

It’s possible to say that almost everybody that have a smartphone have WhatsApp downloaded and potentially is an active user.

4- Facebook Messenger

Appears to be that Facebook dominates the ranking! Well, Facebook Messenger is very similar to WhatsApp and provides the same service. The main difference is that it’s totally connected with Facebook, so you normally chat with friends that you have in your profile.

People used to use the both app messages, because sometimes it has a different proposal. For example, if you get sick, you probably will warn you boss sending a WhatsApp message and on the other hand, will call your friend to chat because he is online at that moment.

5- Instagram

Impossible to finish this list without talking about Instagram. This is the  app that just broke Snapchat with the stories feature and has the biggest number of verified accounts.

This app is always being updated with new features and never disappoints. Until now, more and more people are migrating to Instagram. It explains the success and why it is in the top charts of app stores.

Surprised with this list or did you already expect these names? Anyway, they are where they are and still investing on optimization, because without ASO, no app can rank, regardless of what it offers.

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