Illustrative art refers to the most downloaded applications on the web

The most downloaded apps: the top games in the app stores

Games as a category of apps are quite competitive and it’s difficult to rank them. How do some app games have so much success and people love to play them? We made a list of the most downloaded apps to understand why they are different compared to others.

Not only there are too many games already but the retention rates sometimes are low. That’s why RankMyAPP selected examples from both Apple Store and Google Play Store, to understand why they are different compared to others.

The most popular games on Google Play and Apple Store

According to a research from FD Comunicação, a PR agency for Games and Sports, on Google Play, the most popular mobile games downloaded are: Fun Race 3D, PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, and Mario Kart Tour. Garena Free Fire has been maintaining the lead in Google Play throughout the year, reaching up to this survey 200 million first downloads.

Meanwhile, on AppleStore, most downloaded android apps are Mario Kart Tour (35 million downloads), Fun Race 3D (25 million downloads) (24 million downloads) and PUBG Mobile, coming in in seventh place in downloads. Garena Free Fire does not appear in the 20 most downloaded apps.

Fun Race 3D Tops: one of the 20 most popular mobile Games in the world

Fun Race 3D is a free racing game from Good Job Games, creators of the addictive Color Bump 3D. The game is very simple and works with just one tap. The player participates in a race where pace is more important than speed. Against other players, the challenge is to overcome different puzzles on the track. Available for Android and iPhone (iOS).

Fun Race 3Dtopped the list of the 20 most popular mobile games in the world, and from July to September 2019, was the most downloaded apps of all, adding the Android and iOS versions had 123 million first installations. Tencent’s PUBG Mobile came in second, with 94 million new installations.

The open part of the study does not show the numbers of those six days of September of the Mario Kart Tour. It just reports that there were 34 million downloads in the Apple Store in six days.

Other games that deserve attention

Illustrative art refers to the most downloaded applications on the web

Although not on the lists above, there are games that have been downloaded for a while and also deserve to be mentioned. Check them below.

Candy Crush Saga

One of most downloaded android games of all time, Candy Crush Saga was downloaded so many times that it became the most popular game app in the world. In the Apple Store it ranks in the first place, and in the Google Play Store in second place.

For sure the structure of the game collaborates to success. A beautiful and colorful design combined with a game that has an infinite number of levels make the name of the game recognized. Another point that collaborates with is the possibility of connecting with Facebook. People can play it on Facebook web or on Candy Crush.

Subway surfers

Subway Surfers has the same purpose as Candy Crush: the infinity. But it works in a different way. Developed for kids and young people, the game can approach all kinds of public. They use a good strategy: free download but have paid levels and options inside the app.

The best part of this strategy is that you can get people to purchase items inside the game. It became popular because of using the background of different cities around the world.

Clash of Clans

This game is very famous for who loves to construct things and fight for it. In the app store, Clash of Clans are in the top 10 and it is much praised because the developers are always worried about updates.

This kind of app has to have attention in the updates, because you never know where the user will reach and, more than that, it can not be obsolete. The challenge makes the user stay in the game. People want to be challenged, they don’t want to play to get nowhere.

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