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The importance of having a five-star app

A five-star app is more than just a platform that pleased and answered, perfectly, the need of the user’s majority. Having a good evaluation in the stores means bigger visibility and even more credibility among the customers.

But achieving all the stars — or the majority of them — and the good app’s reviews is not such a simple task. Many factors and strategies must be considered to be in the stores’ first result search positions.

The importance of a good evaluation

By doing the download apps, it’s common that the users get orders to make the evaluation and comments about the platforms in the stores after using them for a while. That happens because these evaluations have a great importance to their classification during the search.

There are some things that the app’s owner needs to guarantee before the launch. It’s important to have in mind that each platform, like Google Play for Android users or Apple Store for iOS users, has its own guidelines. You can check more about the specifics of each one in this text.

The average rate app, along with the comments, has a direct link to the featured platform in the stores. Those with the best evaluation appear in the first positions. In addition, they also appear in categories like “best-evaluated ones” in organic researches.

Another factor that makes the evaluation important is that the users have to worry about analyzing the rating and the comments of the app before downloading it on their mobile. At least 70% of users read it before getting the app.

What to do to have a good evaluation

Illustrative art about five-star app

First of all, it’s essential to do research about intelligence reviews. This contributes to a clearer perception of the users about the platform. If you want to know more about this subject, you can check our success case here.

One simple action can make your app a five-star app: it is the action of answering all the user’s comments, even if they are positive or negative. In this case, the recommendation is to give direct and assertive answers that can be personalized with empathy but in a way that also shows that you’re willing to solve that problem.

Feeling analysis

The work of the user’s satisfaction analysis never ends. It’s important to know in a medium and long term if the opinion of who uses the platform changed. That’s why this analysis is made.

There are tools to analyze the words and even emojis to better understand the feelings of the person who commented or rated the mobile apps. The aim is to verify how the user’s opinion changed through time.

The feeling can be different from the evaluation

Even being a five-star app, it is possible that the platform receives negative feedback. It’s normal to find a four-star rating and negative comment or just a star and no comment at all, for example.

The secret is in the users

If you want to have a five-star app it’s vital to know your target. To that end, in addition to have a persona definition, it’s important to keep yourself close to it, paying attention to the comments and taking the opportunity to get closer to the public.

Pay extra attention to the comments that have a link to the platform update. At this moment, it’s crucial to be available to answer all the questions, explain all the new functions and solutions of bugs or anything that made the user uninstall the app.

Count with RankMyAPP’s help!

Now that you understood the importance of having a good rating in the apps stores, count with the help of a specialist and transform your app in a five-star one. Rely on RankMyAPP’s help and guarantee the success that you need in your platform.

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