Steps for Effective Keyword Research

If you want your app to be found and acquire more users, you need to conduct keyword research. Find the best ASO keywords by following the steps in this article.

Finding app store keywords

During your keyword research, be sure to save all keyword ideas. You could type them in a spreadsheet or write them down.

Here are the steps that will help you come up with those keyword ideas.

Start with your brand

You can use keywords that identify your brand, such as the name of your business. As awareness of your brand increases, these keywords will become more useful.

Have a brainstorm session

Gather your team together to brainstorm app store keywords. Get your thoughts going in the right direction by considering your app’s unique features and benefits.

You should also put yourself in the mindset of your target market. What words would they use to search for an app like yours?

Read reviews about similar apps

You can also take a look at the reviews about apps that are like yours to get some ASO keyword ideas. Be on the lookout for words and phrases that keep popping up. Their prevalence might indicate that they are popular keyword search terms.

Use a keyword tool

It can be helpful to use a keyword research tool, such as Google’s Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest.

You can also use an online thesaurus to find more keyword ideas. Take the ideas you’ve already come up with and enter them into the thesaurus to see the synonyms for those words.

Get ideas from competitors

What keywords are your competitors using? Knowing what they are up to may help you come up with ASO keyword ideas for your app.

Choosing the best ASO keywords

Your keyword research should result in a long list of possibilities. The next step is to determine which words to target. Choosing the right keywords will help your app acquire more users.

When deciding which app store keywords to use, you need to ask yourself the following three questions:

  • Which are the most relevant to my app?
  • Are they popular with my target market?
  • Will they be too competitive?

Let’s go over each of those questions.

keyword research


Relevance is an absolute must when it comes to app store keywords because irrelevant keywords will cause users who aren’t interested in your app to find it.

But relevant keywords accurately describe your app and your target market is more likely to use them when searching for new apps.


Keywords are only effective if they have a high enough search volume. Lack of volume reveals that no one is using them as keyword search terms.

However, the more popular a keyword is, the more likely it will be difficult to rank for. This is because your top competitors have probably already jumped on those keywords and are successfully ranking for them.


Because it can be difficult to rank for the most popular ASO keywords, you might want to look for keywords that aren’t as competitive but still generate decent traffic to your app page.

It can be challenging to find this sweet spot, but it’s necessary when you are just starting out and aren’t ready to compete against your top competitors. But remember, as your app grows and establishes a stellar reputation, you can begin to target those competitive keywords that bring in more traffic.

Even though it takes time to see the results of your efforts, keyword research is not something you should skip. Using the best keywords for your app is a vital element of ASO that will ultimately increase your app’s visibility.

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