Illustrative art about rich text format

Rich text format: why use it?

If your app is being developed, probably you already know how vital descriptions are to have good positions at app stores. The app description is essential to insert keywords but do you know that rich text format can be introduced in this area too?

Some functions developed by an operational system are beneficial to generate engagement between the users of your app. We are going to explain a little bit better about it:  

What is rich text format?

Rich texts format are texts that you can edit and transform the text font. It is possible to put it in bold, italic, underline, copy and paste text format over another, use caps lock and other functions.

A primary example is the Word, from Windows. With this tool you can write a text on the computer and save in the way that you want, activating all the properties mentioned above. But if you write a paragraph on a notepad, you can’t make these changes.  

And rich text format can be applied in mobile either in some cases. Unfortunately, if you want to send a SMS, it is impossible to write in several forms, but some apps already adopted this function and for you that are developing one, it’s possible to transform your app description.

But, I have one bad news for you. It’s not possible to invest in rich text format in apps for iOS. It happened because Apple made all their system based on products that are exclusive to Apple, like iPhone, iPad, iPod and others.

How will we know that you are a smart developer? For sure you’re investing in both systems iOS, and Android. The second one allows using rich text format in descriptions, which is very important to ASO strategy.

The importance of rich formatting for users

Illustrative art about rich text format

The priory argument is rich text formatting help with conversion. One example is the app Boomerang, that increased 15% of their conversion because of rich text format working with ASO.  

This facility also can provide you to use emojis in your description. And it is cool because it gives your description more flexibility, leaving you always updated in the market, passing a message more naturally and differently.

Although, even been relevant to the description, be careful in how to use it. First of all, don’t exaggerate. For example, if you highlight and put emojis in all of your text, nothing will be highlighted for real.

Try to select the essential parts, the central message. And remember, emojis, the most of the time don’t substitute the text, they have the function to complement it.

Why is text readability important in ASO strategy?

The app description is a crucial part of the process in App Store Optimization. That’s why it is very important to prioritize your text readability, choose the right keywords to make your app be on the top. And rich text format can help with this.

The technique of improving the text with emojis, using some tools like bold, italic and others work well with ASO because it can feature your app, put it in the ranking of app stores and get more conversions. Highlighting the significant pieces of information makes your app found easier.

Your app also can be tested by A/B tests to see if this information that were selected are working and increasing the searches and conversions. If it is not, it’s time to look for a better rich text format in your description.

Now that you know how rich text format is vital for your app description don’t hesitate to understand the benefits of ASO to your success in app stores. Request a customized analysis with RankMyApp!

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