RankMyApp at Mobile World Congress 2018: four days just for mobile!

This year, Spain has received in their capital Barcelona one of the most important congress about mobile, the MWC (Mobile World Congress), that had four days of event, in 26th February until 1st March of 2018.

The congress basically meets more than 900 exhibitors bringing the best conferences and programmes that works with mobile industry, and it is organized by the GSMA. This year, the congress concentrated around 50.000-60.000 people. There was more than 200 countries around the world been represented.

And it is clear that RankMyApp participated of the congress representing the brand. Leandro Scalise, CEO and Founder at RankMyApp, was invitedto minister a seminar aboutmobile user acquisition & sentiment analysis of user reviews.

Leandro talked about sentiment anaysis and how it can help to understand the mobile audience and build a better acquisition strategy.

Besides that, it was possible to learn how combining the campaigns with App Store Optimization, how to convert more users, mainly paid users and discover the main KPI’s. All of that is truly important to create a successful app marketing strategy.

This seminar got a good audience, and the public was compound with high-level professionals from mobile industry interested in app distribution technologies such as Senior Product Manager from Linkedin and teams from Shedd, Realtor.com, Bodas.net and HelloFresh.

Check it out to watch the full seminar and know how the event was, with more informations about Leandro Scalise’s presentation, representing RankMyApp at Mobile World Congress!

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