ProXXIma 2017: Key highlights

Stop interrupting and start engaging. Entertainment will soon become the best way to increase visibility. People nowadays have a mental ad blocker.

These were some of the defiant ideas at ProXXIma 2017, an event that has become, in the last 11 years, an important hallmark in Digital Marketing in Brazil. And, of course, we at RankMyApp, went there to check in person the trends that would end up being discussed in terms of technology, marketing and innovation.

In this year’s edition, the focus was put on how the digital realm impacts businesses. The invited speakers were entrepreneurs with leadership roles in their companies, being nonetheless directly accountable for the delivery of results.  

Therefore, these professionals were able to tell exactly what is being treated as a priority in their budget and what is going right in terms of digital marketing and what is not.

In this post we have enlisted some of the most relevant notes about the two-day event (May 9 and 10). It was an array of rather interesting and curious content. We went crazy with the insights we got!! I hope the same happens to you.

For those who missed ProXXIMa 2007, below you’ll find some defiant ideas and discussions brought up during the event!

 Check the key highlights of ProXXIma 2017?

Start to entertain

Directly alluding to the downfall of interruption marketing, Stop interrupting your user and start engaging them” is the motto related to the fact that the best sort of online advertisement is the one that, somehow, makes your users engage with your brand.

This was said about the evolution of AdBlock. Nowadays people despise being interrupted and, due to that, they are developing a mental ad blocker against the kind of advertisement which they are not fond of.

This doesn’t mean that traditional marketing will go extinct and, yes, it will have to evolve. It has to become more engaging, providing answers to user’s questions and ask permission to step into their lives.  

Create qualified content

Stop buying garbage and performance just because it’s cheap. Create content”.  This was indeed some good criticism to those who think that digital campaigns are just about buying media, whilst ignoring the production of relevant content.

Interesting enough, this quote was one of the few, throughout the whole ProXXIma 2017, that shed light on the importance of the organic acquisition of qualified traffic by creating qualified content.

The greater the consumption of content (and not of advertisement), the greater the customer engagement with your brand. After all, they follow you to have just that.

 Study your audiences

“Entertain them will soon the best way to build discoverability” – “Them”, in this sentence, is directly alluding to the target audience that a given brand wants to conquer.

People are open to finding (and connecting themselves) with brand new ideas. Nonetheless, in recent times, the best method to draw someone’s attention is by using actions focused on fun and entertainment. To do that, it’s important to study the potential of each profile of followers, mapping them and creating punctual strategies, according to each segment.

“Marketing wasn’t born out of data or knowing how to analyze data right away, but from search analysis”.

As we are gathering this sort of information, it’s important to take into account the fact that we are synesthetic with products. “The new generation has a practical perspective when looking at a product”, it was said.

We can feel, touch and engage with a brand from a sensorial point of view. And, only after that, establish a critical perspective of it.  

 Much more than Cross Media

As we have mentioned above, it’s important to take into consideration the characteristics of each profile. More than just establishing a campaign in several different sorts of media, Cross Media is based on understanding that the audience has different predictions, both through content formats and different media channels.

In other words, each social media network has their audience who is looking for a different sort of content. Creating a 30-second video and uploading it on YouTube and, then, do another identical version to upload it on a different platform is a waste of time and money.

Marketing companies think that creating a short video with a cool story is the equivalent of creating quality content. And, then, they adapt the same format to suit different channels.

Actually, content is much more than a properly conceived video. “We fool ourselves calling content every single piece of work different from a 30′ video” was the catching phrase said at ProXXIma 2017 about this matter.

Assemble your strategy, join the pieces together

Everything boils down to being able to draw your audience’s attention, directing it to where you want. “Join the pieces of your digital marketing campaign in order to take the customer to the point of sale”.

All strategies (including the offline ones) need to be connected and fit together like pieces of a jigsaw. That way, it will be easier to assemble and see the image of your product – as a whole.

What is a poor strategy?

When one has a general overview of marking strategies, whether these are digital or traditional, following a plan as a whole is a simpler task. “A poor strategy is that it is only a fragment of a plan”.

In other orders, it’s just a disconnected idea, far from other actions. The encumbrance of outlining solely digital campaigns was also discussed, taking into account the present-day dynamism.

After all, do long-term strategies really work within this “here and now” logic? “Decisions in real time are different than immediate decisions” was the answer.  

Respect the user

“Only two industries treat their customers as users: the one that deals with technology and the other regarded as illegal”. This sentence was said at ProXXIma 2017 in order to reinforce the bond between users and customers, one that most companies tend to forget.

Providing a great experience to the user is a method to attract and retain them. And one way of doing this is to invest in technological tools. This can be seamless if we rely on the fact that users want results – and are not interested in the process itself.

“Don’t follow the money, follow the technology” was a sentence said at the end of a presentation. In other words, those who follow technology are always one step ahead in terms of user experience.

Having the chance to participate at ProXXIma 2017 was for us a great opportunity. We are now expecting your comments on the subjects addressed!

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