Product management strategy: the best roadmap for apps

We always insist to repeat how many apps are already there in the app stores and how important it is to have a difference to get success. Apps are made to make the users life easier and be part of their routine.

And to not sink into the options, apps have a product management strategy. We choose some points for apps to consider and pay attention to get better results by following, the best roadmap and, more than ever, rank on the app stores. Check it out!

Identify what is your app

First of all, you need to identify what is your product plan. What is the purpose? What are the weaknesses? And what about the strengths? Put everything in a paper and observe what do you have now and what do you want to have.

You are the person that must know about your own app, so it’s easier to answer these questions. We said some simple questions, but it’s very important to analyze some metrics too.

The number of downloads, how much each download costs and if it is worth to pay. What is the ROI of your app? This kind of information will interfere in all mobile marketing actions.

This process of understanding the numbers and what your app represents will help you in the future to take decisions about investing in the app, comparing your structure with the competition and, obviously, all of the things related with mobile marketing strategies.

Everything about your user

It’s truly important know who your user is. And when we say that, it’s more than analysing the numbers, it’s understanding what they want and how your app can supply any necessity that presents itself.

We know that it is hard to know what each user wants, but thinking in the category of your app, it’s easier to find some profiles. For example, if your app is about fitness and health, you kind of know what people are looking for in your app.

Anyway, some strategies can help you, like making focus groups to collect as much information you can about a group of users; watch how users use your app, is it frequently or just when it is convenient?

And we can’t forget ratings and reviews. This resource is very important to know how the app is performing, what’s good and what needs to be improved.

This kind of analysis will be very useful to direction campaigns to the users and know how to provide what they want. Happy users bring engagement to the app and new users too!

Paying attention in the market and competition

These two points have to be studied to understand where you are treading. The market and the competition can be a great way to learn with hits, misses and strategies that can be adopted in your product strategy.

Which apps do the same things as your app? How is their ASO? Which keywords do they use? After collecting this data, it will be easier to define your App Store Optimization strategy and get this app to rank well.

The same tips fit the market. With so many apps to study, it may be that you get lost with too many references. So focus on your app, your category, your direct competition and try to extract all information as possible to complete your application.

Even that the budget is important, it’s always possible to do something with less money than you imagine as costs. It’s all about monitoring negative and positive points of the app, do the same thing with the competition and collect as much data as possible about the market.

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