Mobile marketing strategy: startups x brands

Within a highly competitive market, renowned brands gain relevance with ease in their business. Meanwhile, startups build a good plan to grow more and more. Even with differences, both types of business require mobile marketing strategies in order to target the current audience.

So, whether it’s a large business or a startup that has just stepped into market, mobile marketing must be embedded into the business planning, which only tends to grow with this investment.

Why is it important to make a mobile marketing strategy?

Investing in mobile marketing is critical to your app growth since these strategies foster direct contact between company and customer through mobile devices.

Thus, it is possible to share information, products, services, and news in a faster pace, since most users are connected all the time.

Strategies for startups vs. strategies for big companies

Strategies for startups should be established prior to any process. If your application is relatively new and you do not want to spend too much on marketing right now, the best thing to focus on is to start with keywords.

It is very difficult to compete with big brands that are like sharks in the market. If your keywords are very generic, the search results will probably display the market leaders first.

The good news is that you can use long tail keywords, which will make the search much more specific. Over time, your app might be the one standing out in the market due to these keywords.

Another element to bear in mind is app store ranking. It constantly changes so you need to be agile to handle it as a startup company. Always monitor your keywords in order to master your relevance and visibility on the stores.

Remember that big companies were also small once and faced big competitors. Even considering common keywords, the implementation of marketing strategies to reach all types of public must be a constant.

Strategies need to be adapted according to the time

Similarly to the strategy of using long tail keywords, your app’s branding should be planned over time. Under a wide range of market analysis, a better understanding of your audience profile and needs will lead you to fit in with more ease and reach the level of famous brands.

Therefore, it is fundamental to direct strategies to the right audience. In addition, on the startup context, it is very interesting to influence the user to buy impetuously. For instance when a cupcake store sets a promotion to fall the piece price by half from an specific hour.

In addition to helping the business not to waste food, the person who receives the news on Instagram might not be looking for cupcakes, but the image at a tempting price automatically arouses interest in the purchase.

This type of strategy can easily be used on apps. Also, it is important to emphasize that the cost of mobile marketing is much lower than investing in any other type of brand diffusion. Therefore, it is a very profitable business for startups to invest in these strategies.

Even with these marketing strategies, it’s worth remembering that ASO is critical to optimizing your app by increasing visibility, profitability, and number of conversions. Merging marketing strategies with App Store Optimization strategies is the first step to a successful app diffusion.

Now that you are aware of mobile marketing strategies, how about understanding more how ASO can benefit your app? Take a customized analysis with RankMyApp!

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