Mobile Advertising Trends You Need to Look Out For

If you are looking for ways to monetize your app, you should try mobile advertising. It might be just what you need to increase revenue.

What is mobile app advertising?

Digital marketers and app developers are able to work together through mobile app advertising networks. The advertisers come up with the ads to be displayed and the app developers service those ads in their apps.

The mobile ads will appear to the right users at the right time, based on the data supplied by the network’s SDK or API.

This benefits both parties. The advertisers expand their reach and make users aware of their products or services while app developers receive compensation for displaying the ads in their apps.

If you are an app developer hoping to make some extra money from a mobile advertising campaign, it’s imperative to carefully consider how to incorporate ads into your app.

Providing an excellent user experience must remain a top priority. The last thing you want is for the ads to negatively interfere with that experience.

This will affect the type of ads you choose to display in your app. Would you want something more subtle, such as banner ads, or something that often provides better results, such as video ads? That decision is up to you.

You will also need to choose the right mobile advertising platform. Do your research to find the best one for your needs.

Even though mobile advertising is a great way to monetize your app, you should not implement this tactic at the expense of user satisfaction. And don’t let this

revenue-boosting opportunity distract you from your overall app marketing plan to increase user acquisition.

Trends to watch out for in 2020

As we go into the new year, be on the lookout for the following app advertising trends. You would be wise to start implementing them into your mobile advertising plan right now.

mobile advertising

Video ads will play a prominent role in mobile advertising

Offering rewards to users who watch videos is a highly-effective mobile ad strategy. This is because viewers feel that watching the ads benefits them.

Meanwhile, the video ads get high viewing rates, which ultimately contributes to an increase in revenue for both advertisers and app developers.

Video ads are expected to continue performing well and may produce even better results in 2020.

Playable ads will become more popular

This type of mobile ad has been described by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) as, “a single ad unit that combines interactivity – all the core mobile gestures like touch, swipe, flip and tap – with gamification to enable full-funnel marketing (attention, education and action) brand communication.

The idea is already a few years old. However, it wasn’t until just recently that brands outside of the gaming industry have begun utilizing playable ads.

These ads will most likely do well in 2020 because they are fun and engaging. But they aren’t demanding, allowing users to decide whether or not they wish to participate.

Banner ads are dying

With fun and interactive ads like rewarded videos and playable ads, it should come as no surprise that banners are becoming outdated digital marketing methods.

Even though banners once dominated the digital advertising world, that is no longer the case. This was seen in the U.S. during the first quarter of 2019. Only 45% of ad spending for this period was used for banners.

The digital marketing world continues to move at a rapid pace. Therefore, you can expect trends to constantly change.

That’s why it’s so important to keep up with the latest and greatest mobile advertising strategies. Otherwise, you risk falling behind and missing out on revenue-generating opportunities.

And did you know that you can use paid advertising strategies to increase user acquisition?

Contact a specialist to find out more!

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