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What is m-commerce and how it affects sales volume

M-commerce can be defined as the evolution of e-commerce, where businesses rely on mobile devices to provide users a great experience based on their location and behavior. But, after all, what is m-commerce?

M-commerce involves business transactions through mobile devices and it has been changing the way brands interact with consumers and vice-versa.

In today’s article, we will show you how important m-commerce can be to your company and how it influences positively in-app and offline sales

Mobile can increase offline sales

Even if you manage a traditional retail store, it is possible to benefit from mobile devices whether in the form of a mobile-friendly website or an e-commerce app.

A recent study from xAd and Telmetrics demonstrated that people had a very high intention of purchasing a product via both tablet and smartphone, with 60% and 53% of users respectively buying something related to their online activity.

But here comes the most intriguing part. Would you ever imagine that offline sales increased as well? According to that report, 53% of all mobile users and 74% of smartphone users made their purchases offline or in-store

As can be seen, you have to ensure that any client who comes across your store end up making a purchase either way. With that in mind, we strongly suggest that you have your mobile-friendly e-commerce on check.

How mobile commerce makes the difference

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The m-commerce key differentiating factors for your business already begin on consumer search. Google has a specific algorithm that prioritizes websites that are adapted to smartphones. That is, right on product search, your website outstrips the rest.

In addition to that, there are also three other important aspects that can improve customers´ experience and sales through M-commerce:

Location tracking

A mobile commerce app enables you to track and identify where a user is thanks to the help of GPS, Wi-Fi, and tech features like that. As a consequence, this sort of apps can offer location-specific content and tailored recommendations to your audience.

For instance, push notifications allow local businesses to offer hot deals that target a potential client that is around your shop.

Business transactions

M-commerce fundamentally involves the use of mobile devices. This way, anybody who has a tablet or smartphone is able to do business transactions with a few taps on the screen, even if this person lives in another city or country.

With that in mind, we can affirm that it is beneficial to any sort of business that relies on mobile marketing to boost sales and ultimately increase revenue.


Still, a large number of consumers don’t really trust companies when doing a transaction over the internet. But, there are some security measures like two-factor authentication and multi-level authentication already being offered by e-commerce.

Also, m-commerce is different because it provides biometric authentication (through retina scans, fingerprints or face scan) and that is one of the reasons for its rapid growth.

How to make the most out of App Store Optimization

Optimize your app is ideal to achieve success and visibility on the app stores. Ideally, this optimization should be done in an organic way, which means you should not be paying for that at all times. Whether you want it or not, being at the top without any tied advertising provides more reliability to the buyer.

App Store Optimization is an SEO practice for apps, with the purpose of increasing the visibility of your app and making it top-ranked when people search for it on the app stores (even if you do not type its name properly).

Therefore, when investing in mobile commerce app development and also applying some methods to optimize your app, the tendency is that sales volume, profitability, customer loyalty, and brand recognition will grow.

To keep your app always on the search spotlight, be sure to check out the services offered by RankMyApp. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a customized analysis of your business app.

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