Illustrative art shows a team studying about long tail keywords

Long tail keywords: what is it and why is it important for ASO?

Research to improve your application is gaining relevance, but so far you haven’t understood why the chosen keywords are not reflecting as many results on the search mechanism.

Even when creating informative content with solid background and relevance, you do not always reach the audience as you wish. You have to invest in a user search optimization. And one way to favor this search is through long tail keywords.

After all, what are long tail keywords?

The expression “long tail” can be defined as a very specific search and, therefore, carries longer phrases.

Adding keywords through ASO is critical for an app to be well positioned on app stores but with so many different consumer desires and searches, simple keywords are not enough.

For this reason, searching longer sentences increases the ability of search engines to deliver exactly what the person is looking for. Just take as an example a basic research that may be typed on Google: “how to lose weight in 7 days eating fruits” and that’s it! You already have a long tail!

Long tail x head tail

The head tail keywords are broader. In this case, words have a much larger search volume and this niche is usually dominated by larger markets. Thus, smaller companies find it more difficult to be accessed by these specific keywords.

That’s why long tail words are more specific. Let’s take a basic example of the search: if someone searches for the word “sneakers” on Google, which is a head tail, the main results will be from the market’s big players. But if you search for “spring-loaded running shoes”, which carries long tail keywords, results will be more accurate.

In this case, the ones who will excel on the search are probably the products that offer exactly what is being searched, leading to a decrease on search traffic and higher number of conversions.

Why are long tails important in ASO strategy?

Illustrative art shows a team studying about long tail keywords.

Long tails are important because they are easier to rank. These words are more accessible and can be better exploited with a more specific search. In addition to higher conversion rate, it will attract customers that want your product.

Relevance increase on apps stores is on trend because of the algorithm. Also, competing with these words is much easier, after all, no one scrolls down to see more than ten applications.

How to find the ideal long tail?

You might use long tail multiple times on the keyword planner. But the ideal is to find keywords that are as specific as possible and that relates to your product.

Furthermore, it’s worth recalling that long-tailed words might be used at any stage of the sales funnel because they will still present lower competitiveness and search volume.

An interesting case to mention is Amazon’s. The company realized that its competitors were insisting too much on simple keywords merely to have good ranking on app stores. The brand has invested then in several long tail keywords that complement the head tails, exploring a very specific market and seizing a hacking in several categories.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in the hottest keywords as well. They are important to ASO and to your app awareness on app stores.

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