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Increase leads with Apple Search Ads

Apple is always growing and improving, so it comes as no surprise that a recent update to Apple Search Ads can help digital marketers reach a broader audience.

Growth and Development of Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads (ASA) are paid-ads that have a blue background and appear first in the search results of the Apple store. Digital marketers bid on certain keywords, and winning the bid puts the marketer’s ad at the top of the page for those keywords.

Although they began as normal pay-per-click ads, the addition of Search Ads Basic allows smaller developers to participate too. This simpler option charges for each install instead of each click and is easier for developers who lack expertise in keywords and bidding.

Apple recently added 46 more countries that marketers can target through an ASA campaign, bringing the total number of countries up to 59. You can check out Apple’s Search Ads to see which countries are included.

How this benefits you

This latest update can help digital marketers reach more countries, likely resulting in more downloads.

But this major benefit doesn’t come without some hard work. Each new region has its own relevant keywords and preferences.

However, if you take the time to research and discover what those keywords and preferences are, you may be on the way to expanding your audience.

Why you should use Apple Search Ads

Rise above the competition

With so many available apps, the competition to be seen is intense. If your app is in a competitive niche and/or your organic traffic is suffering, you might need a little boost.

Guarantee a spot at the top with paid Apple ads so that more users can find your app.

Rank Higher

When the number of app installs increases, your app will be rewarded with a higher ranking, whether it was the result of paid or organic traffic.

Tips for Apple Search Ads

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Get the most out of ASA with the following list of tips for app store ads.

Search Ads Advanced

Using this advanced option, rather than Search Ads Basic, allows marketers to segment and focus on specific leads so that they can reach their goals.

Developers are able to choose keywords and audiences, track metrics, and measure progress, none of which is possible using Search Ads Basic.

Whether your goal is to acquire new users or upsell premium features to current users, you can achieve those results more easily with Search Ads Advanced.

Pair with ASO

Don’t let your excitement for Apple ads distract you from ASO. Paid ads don’t take away the need for ASO. And keep in mind, the better your app’s ASO is the less money you will have to spend on ASA.

Review Your Info

Mobile app store ads are created using your app’s current images and metadata, so be sure to check these out first. Your app’s copy and metadata need to be correct and its images and videos should be optimized to grab the attention of your target market.

Test Keywords

Before settling on your keywords, make sure they are the best. Try out different keywords, keep track of how well they do, and compare their results. Continue using the best performing keywords but toss out anything that isn’t contributing to your app’s success.

Test Creatives

In addition to keywords, testing your app’s assets is also a smart idea. You can try out various images and videos until you find what works best.

Apple search ads are a major learning curve, but when used correctly they can be highly effective in acquiring more users. Apple’s inclusion of additional countries makes ASA look even more promising for developers.

Feeling overwhelmed? Contact a specialist at RankMyApp to get the help you need to increase your app’s visibility and success.

Now you can reach more countries thanks to Apple’s latest update to Apple Search Ads. Get tips on how to make the most of this opportunity.

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